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September 2008, Vol. 20, No.9

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A True Test of Sustainability

A True Test of Sustainability

Inca water planning, management, and construction of water facilities were as varied as the Peruvian landscape. Decadelong field studies at the pre-Columbian archaeological sites of Machu Picchu, Moray, and Tipon have revealed that the Incas possessed an uncanny ability to develop water resources on a site-specific basis. This remarkable knowledge of water resources development principles occurred without a written language, use of the wheel, or the availability of iron or steel.


Fueling the Flames

Fueling the Flames

Today, power makes up about 25% of a wastewater treatment plant’s operating budget (second only to labor). When faced with the need to decrease energy costs, treatment plant managers have two options: demand-side and supply-side management. Demand-side management includes energy conservation and process improvements that reduce energy demands. Supply-side management involves the handling of energy resources, such as biogas.

Producing more biogas and converting it into electricity, heat, or biomethane could fulfill most of a plant’s everyday demands.



Farm Bill Boosts Conservation Funding, Emphasizes Partnerships

The new law establishing the federal government’s farm policies sharply increases spending for conservation programs on agricultural lands. Several of these programs are intended, in part, to improve U.S. water resources, including a new program specifically designed to spur farmers and units of local governments — including water and wastewater agencies — to work together on issues related to water quality and quantity.

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Coming in the next issue:
Coming in the October Issue

  • Chicago’s Underground Unveiled. This impressive combined sewer overflow conveyance and storage system is now in its final stretch of design and construction.
  • Following California’s Lead. As California’s wastewater agencies seek to comply with the state’s requirements for reducing sanitary sewer overflows, collection system owners across the country can benefit from lessons learned by their counterparts in the Golden State.
  • Growing Population? Advanced Treatment. Jacksonville, Fla.’s Blacks Ford Facility produces effluent that meets public access reuse standards in a rapidly growing suburban area.
  • Clarifier Fact and Fiction. Clarifier processes revealed through the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling.
  • Technology Focus: Solids Management Technologies. Bioenergy, thermal processes, and innovative dewatering.
  • Sewer Corrosion or Permit Violation? What to do when corrosion control measures hamper biological phosphorus removal.
  • In Case Lightning Strikes Twice. The benefits of installing an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Crystal Clear. How to ensure top performance from your granular media filter.