September 2009, Vol. 21, No.9



Level Alarm Relay
Booth No. 2263
The Failsafe level alarm relay is designed to provide high-level alarming for lift stations and pump stations. It adds fail-safe probe functionality, separate relays for level alarm and loss of probe. A single sensor probe decreases problems of ball floats and adds an extra electrical connection to the sensor. The level alarm relay checks for continuity and activates an output if a wire has become disconnected, providing continuous verification that the probe is operating. Multitrode Inc. (Boca Raton, Fla.).

Portable Inspection System
Booth No. 2303
The K2 portable inspection system can be mounted in various vehicles or used as a stand-alone system. The unit features built-in cable diagnostics, the ability to interface with data decision support software, and an option for a collapsible heavy-duty handle and semipneumatic tires to facilitate portability. The system has a capacity of 1200-ft high-strength video cable with an automatic cable payout feature to operate cameras and transporters and pipe profilers. The system is designed to accommodate a variety of pipe conditions and inspect 6-in. to 120-in. sanitary or storm sewers. Cues Inc. (Orlando, Fla.).

Infrared Gas Monitor
Booth No. 3425
The Polytron IR 7000 infrared gas monitor is explosionproof and designed for continuous monitoring of flammable gases and vapors. With a stainless steel enclosure and drift-free optics, the detector is designed for harsh environments. Draeger Safety Inc. (Lübeck, Germany).

Booth No. 2976
The all-welded Process Seal GaugeTM combines a diaphragm seal with a process gauge. The system is designed to eliminate most potential leaks and decrease installation and removal time. It feature 1% or 0.5% accuracy full-scale Std., tamper resistance, an adjustable pointer, and pressure ranges up to 5000 psi. REOTEMP Instruments (San Diego).

Gas Analyzer/Monitor
Booth No. 4014
The Sentinel Gas Analyzer/Monitor is designed to maximize scrubber efficiency by monitoring the internal gas passing through a scrubber and sending control signals to regulate chemical pump additions and reduce cleaning and maintenance. Sample gas is drawn across each sensor at a controlled rate for long sensor life and accuracy. The system is configurable for multistage scrubbers with up to four sample points, includes a programmable touchscreen interface, and provides data recordings for scrubber analysis. Vapex Inc. (Orlando, Fla.).

Data Logger
Booth No. 3508
The LTC Levelogger Junior allows data logging of conductivity, water level, and temperature. It includes data-logger memory for 16,000 sets of readings and a 5-year battery in a 0.875-in. × 7.5-in. waterproof housing. The system autoranges from zero to 80,000 µS/cm and provides 2% accuracy of readings from 500 to 50,000 µS/cm. It is suitable for monitoring salinity and stormwater runoff and providing a general indication of contamination levels. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario).

Compression Connector
Booth No. 2139
The Premium pipe-to-manhole connector is a rubber compression connector that redistributes its elastic core material to maintain a watertight seal when under differential loadings. The connector meets the ASTM F-2510 standard and features up to 10 degrees angular deflection and up to 5% O.D. deflection when used with high-density polyethylene corrugated pipe with a smooth factory oversleeve or all other smooth-wall pipes. The connector also can be cast in a curve, enabling larger-size pipes to be installed in smaller-size manholds. A-LOK Products Inc. (Tullytown, Pa.).

Vortex Shedding Transmitter
Booth No. 2849
The P420 series vortex shedding flow-rate transmitter provides transmission of flow rate with 4–20-mA signal output in a two-wire configuration. Made of either polyvinyl chloride or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, the transmitter is designed to be heat resistant and immune to most corrosives, including brine, sodium hypochlorite, and 95% sulfuric acid. Universal Flow Monitors Inc. (Hazel Park, Mich.).

Safety Wheel
Booth No. 4012
The Babbitt Safety Wheel® operates valves in high, hard-to-reach locations, providing the added security of a secondary attachment process while reducing the potential hazard of a falling valve hand wheel. It attaches to the hand wheel of any-size-diameter valve ranging from 2 in. to 36 in., enabling valves to be opened and closed from the floor. Safety Cap Kits are available for retrofit applications. Babbitt Steam Specialty Co. (New Bedford, Mass.).

Level Detector
Booth No. 4082
The mercury- and lead-free Opti-Float® level detector looks and operates like a float switch but uses plastic fiber-optic cable instead of electric wires. It can be used directly in hazardous areas. The plastic fiber-optic cable enables the level to transmit a beam of light from an LED in a remote transceiver down to the float, where the beam makes and breaks, depending on the tilt of the float. When the transceiver detects the presence or absence of light, it activates a relay in the transceiver, which then can operate other devices. Kits for retrofitting of existing control panels also are available. Cox Research and Technology Inc. (Baton Rouge, La.).

Three-Phase UPS
Booth No. 3480
The FirstLine® UPS is a three-phase double conversion UPS designed to provide continuous power conditioning and protection. In the event of an AC power failure, the system automatically transfers to battery power and continues to provide power without interruption. When power returns to normal, the unit automatically recharges the batteries for the next power disturbance. The system is available in ratings of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 37.5 kva. A maintenance bypass switch and power distribution unit are optional additions. Staco Energy Products (Dayton, Ohio).

Filter Control System
Booth No. 4634
Filter Magic®, a filter control system for tertiary filter plants, controls the flow of water through all media-type filters. The filter is pre-engineered for new plants and suitable for retrofitting in existing plants. Industrial Control Systems (Sandston, Va.).

Submerged Aerated Filter
Booth No. 2319
PuraSAF, a submerged aerated filter, can be designed for a range of applications, including secondary or tertiary treatment, and including ammonia reduction and treatment of lagoon effluent. In an unaerated mode, the system is used as an anoxic denitrification filter or as a solids tertiary filter. The filters are available as mobile rental or lease units. Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S. Inc. (Greensboro, N.C.).

Robotic Crawler, Camera, and Cutter
Booth No. 4657
The C120E Eliminator robotic system is a combination crawler, camera, and electric cutter designed to operate in relined pipe from 6 in. to 24 in. at any one entry point without setting up a pulling winch system. The electric cutter motor runs at 3 hp at 17,000 rpm. With 3-in. cutting heads made for applications that include concrete, clay, polyvinyl chloride, cast iron, cured-in-place pipe felt liners, and fiberglass liners, the system is designed to eliminate the need for an air compressor, pull-in winch, and air hose for the cutter motor. Cosmic Tophat LLC (Torrance, Calif.).

Wet-Mix Shotcrete
Booth No. 2715
The CA Liner 100+ is a pure fused calcium aluminate cement and calcium aluminate aggregate for use in restoring manholes, pump stations, and other structures subjected to corrosion from high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. Applied as a wet-mix shotcrete using manhole rehabilitation equipment, the mix can be shot at thicknesses up to 2 in. per application. It is packaged in 50-lb. bags. Parson Environmental Products Inc. (Reading, Pa.).

Spray System
Booth No. 4058
The Belt Blaster/Eco-Blaster biological control system is an accessory spray system designed to address belt fouling and support optimized equipment operation. The system disperses clogging on porous belts so water can travel through the belt wave to maintain a consistent solids cake throughout the operational period. The system also is designed to eliminate the need for manual belt washing or removal to clean the belts. WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems (Beaverton, Ore.).

Coliform and E. coli Test Kit
Booth No. 3363
The EZ-QC™ coliform kit includes three sets of organisms for complete positive and negative control testing of coliforms and Escherichia coli, Klebsiella oxytoca, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. No hydrating steps are required, and less than 1 minute of hands-on time is required. The kit is designed to be used with the company’s tests to detect coliforms and E. coli in water, Colilert®, Colilert®-18, and Colisure®. IDEXX Laboratories (Westbrook, Maine).

Dewatering Technology
Booth No. 2445
The CINETYIK™ A-Series line of products, a part of the company’s Linear Electro-Dewater solutions, is designed to extract water from industrial and municipal solids. The technology relies on the combined action of controlled mechanical pressure and electro-osmosis induced by an electrical field generated inside the solids. EIMCO Water Technologies (Salt Lake City).

Heat-Recovery System
Booth No. 2713
The direct heat-recovery system, a part of the company’s “Rectangular, Square, Cube”TM line, recovers heat from solids in anaerobic thermophilic or mesophilic processes with a large-gap heat exchanger designed with no obstacles and round curves to provide almost nonplug operation. The system has a minimum gap of 3 in. on both sides to avoid blockage, enabling water or solids to travel through either side. The system is designed to provide a return on investment in less than 1 year. DDI Heat Exchangers Inc. (Montréal).
Electric Actuator

Booth No. 5025
The CVA range is a linear and quarter-turn electric actuator that operates process control valves and provides continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail-to-position option. The ranger operates on a 4–20-mA control signal or digital bus with the resolution, repeatability, and hysteresis performance of the CVA quoted at less than 0.1% of full scale, making it suitable for demanding applications. Rotork Controls Inc. (Rochester, N.Y.).

Booth No. 4381
The Hydro-Flo™, a water and wastewater screen designed to protect sensitive process equipment, such as membranes, features a proprietary sealing system that ensures a tight tolerance of protection down to 1 mm in all locations on the screen. The screen features all stainless steel construction and no screen bypass or carryover. Hydro-Dyne Engineering Inc. (Oldsmar, Fla.).

Grinder and Screening System
Booth No. 1831
The Channel Monster® XD 3.0, a grinder and screening system for wastewater pump stations, measures 13 ft (4 m) tall, weighs 9300 lb (4220 kg), and produces 7 ton (6.4 Mg) of cutting force at peak loads. The design features larger cutters, shafts, and housings so the grinder can process heavy debris and first-flush storm loading. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Booth No. 4683
The Detectronic Multi Sensor Flow Meter is a sewer flow monitor that features an ultrasonic Doppler flow-measurement system for sewers in the form of open channels or partially filled pipes. It is designed to monitor wastewater, industrial effluents, and stormwater. The system also features a communications system with which data can be retrieved through a secure Web site and a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. Heteck Solutions Inc. (London, Ontario).

Booth No. 4020
The PDFM 5.0 portable Doppler flowmeter is designed to troubleshoot flow problems, perform spot checks, or balance flow. The meter displays totals and data logs of flow-rate information received from an ultrasonic sensor mounted to the outside of a metal or plastic pipe. The flowmeter is compact, with a 4–20-mA output and 320,000-point data logger with USB output and WindowsTM software. It features a backlit display, reverse flow measurement, menu language selection, pushbutton sleep mode, and a rechargeable NiMH battery that powers the unit for a minimum of 36 hours. Greyline Instruments Inc. (Massena, N.Y.).

Door Frame
Booth No. 1557
The corrosion-defiant adjustable FRP door frame is designed to fit any wall up to 12 in. thick and is available with either a 2-in. or 4-in. face. The door frame is manufactured with homogenous glass-fiber-reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with a 63:35 reinforcement-to-resin ratio. The composite polymer door frame is designed to be immune to magnetism and rust and to never delaminate, chalk, craze, or warp. Also, pultruded materials resist chemicals, salt air, physical abuse, chronic moisture, bacteria, and radiation. Universal Pultrusions LLC (Marshall, Ariz.).

Booth No. 3563
The NC-Line® consists of glass-reinforced polyester pipes for constructing or rehabilitating noncircular pipeline. The pipes can be made in almost any shape to fit inside the old pipeline. The pipes are manufactured on a computer-controlled machine that can produce specially shaped pipes with both circular and noncircular cross sections up to a 118-in. diameter. The line is also corrosion-resistant and features hydraulics designed to maintain flow capacity. Hobas Pipe USA (Houston).

Booth No. 4445
The WS705 single-pump composite–discrete water sampler is suitable for stormwater monitoring, flow proportional sampling, industrial discharge, water and wastewater treatment, waste collection systems, streams, and rivers. Designed to be durable and reliable for collecting water quality samples, the system includes quick-disconnect pickup hoses stored inside the enclosure for easy transport, heavy-duty wheels, a retractable handle, enclosed battery compartment, and smart battery charger. Global Water Instrumentation Inc. (Gold River, Calif.).

Booth No. 1889
The CertaFlo™ GreenLine PVC Sewer Pipe line now includes larger pipe diameters of 10 and 12 in. Originally, the line offered diameters ranging from 4 to 8 in. The larger pipe diameters are designed for use in upsizing overloaded smaller lines and for size-on-size replacement of deteriorated pipelines. The line consists of high-impact polyvinyl chloride pipe with a Certa-Lok™ Integral Bell restrained joint system and is available in 10-ft and 20-ft lengths. Other features include a light-green color for easier camera inspection, corrosion resistance, and light weight. CertainTeed Corp. (Valley Forge, Pa.).

Booth No. 2264
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride discs for the Type 57 butterfly valve line are designed to enhance safety and performance in chemical environments. With a nonwetted stem design that isolates the valve body from the pipeline fluid, the media only contact the disc and the full-seat liner material. The discs feature chemical resistance properties similar to those of the polyvinyl chloride discs, as well as mechanical strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Discs are available for valve sizes of 3, 4, 6, and 8 in. Asahi/America Inc. (Malden, Mass.).

Booth No. 2332
An ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter and energy meter, the TFX UltraTM, is designed to clamp onto the outside of an existing pipe to reduce installation time and material costs. The system is designed to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurement readings for full-pipe liquid applications, such as cooling lines, wastewater flows, water distribution, and processes where system shutdown is impossible. Dynasonics (Racine, Wis.).

Enclosed Drive
Booth No. 1381
The PowerGardTM 18-pulse AC drive is a low-voltage, packaged drive that saves sensitive equipment, such as PLCs, from damaging harmonics. The system is designed to provide clean, reliable energy-efficient power in a low-maintenance and rugged construction. Packaged in an enclosed environment, it is designed to fit into a motor control center line-up. Schneider Electric (Rueil–Malmaison, France).

Gravity Zone Press
Booth No. 5164
The Model WX-D dual gravity-zone press, an addition to the line of Model WX belt filter presses, features dual gravity zones for maximum hydraulic flow rates per meter of belt width on low-feed solids applications. The third belt prethickener accelerates gravity drainage, while the extended gravity and wedge zones provide dewatering. Phoenix Process Equipment Co. (Louisville, Ky.).

Grit-Collection System
Booth No. 3535
The GritGuardTM “direct” grit-collection system uses diffused inlet redirected energy chamber technology. The system is capable of 80% removal of 150-mesh grit and 95% removal of 100-mesh grit in systems with flows from 0.25 mgd to 10 mgd. The complete packaged system features a small overall system footprint suitable for small plants. WSG & Solutions Inc. (Montgomeryville, Pa.).

Vibration Monitoring System
Booth No. 2871
The VIBNODE on-line vibration monitoring system can be used to monitor the conditions of deep-well pumps using submersible accelerometers at the drive end of the pump. The multichannel system collects, evaluates, and reports the operating conditions directly to the plant’s supervisory control and data acquisition system. Ludeca Inc. (Doral, Fla.).

Wireless Grinder-Pump Monitoring System
Booth No. 1667
The Grinder Pump Guardian wirelessly monitors the health status of individual grinder pumps. The system includes a compact wireless module for each grinder control panel, a neighborhood collector to transmit alarm data through satellite to a central server, and a Web-based application to view the current status and historical information. When a pump is in alarm, the system automatically notifies maintenance staff of the street address through voice or text message. Personnel can view the status of every pump in their system from any Internet-connected computer. High Tide Technologies LLC (Nashville, Tenn.).

Interface System
Booth No. 1457
The HawkLink interface enables remote setup and monitoring of Hawk devices. The unit collects input from sensors and switches and relays them to the central server. The connection between the HawkLink and the server can be made through a cell-phone network or over the Internet. At the other end of the link, a technician can log onto the server using a PC running GosHawk software and watch the inputs from the devices changing in real time and change the calibration and setpoints, since the system can transfer data in both directions. Hawk Measurement (Middleton, Mass.).

Flow Indicator
Booth No. 5005
The flow indicator assists with impeding backflow and has a weather- and UV-resistant body. It is a visual reference to confirm that solution is pumping into the system, especially when using black suction–discharge tubing on the metering pump. The flow indicator can be installed in an upright position in the discharge line using nuts and ferrules. Stenner Pump Co. (Jacksonville, Fla.).

Prefinished Formwork
Booth No. 1519
Conform, a part of the Nuform Building SystemsTM line, is a prefinished, stay-in-place formwork for concrete walls that includes components that are extruded to exact heights and slid together to create prefinished walls. It is designed to be highly durable; hurricane- and disaster-resistant; impervious to mold, rot, and mildew; low maintenance; and easy to construct without the need for skilled labor. Nuform Building Technologies (Woodbridge, Ontario).

Flow Monitor
Booth No. 4487
The Q-Eye TT, a compact flow monitor developed for sewer networks, combines ultrasonic design, sensitivity analysis, integration methods, and signal processing to deliver sewer flow measurements. The digital correlation algorithm is designed to tolerate high ultrasonic noise levels, and the four-path configuration and integration algorithms give flow profile correction over a range of operating conditions. Water level measurement is redundant with integrated down-looking ultrasonic and hydrostatic level sensors. All components are integrated and premounted in a patented in-pipe spring ring measuring from 8 in. to 36 in., with an underwater pluggable connector. HydroVision America (Richmond Hill, Ontario).

Lighting Fixture
Booth No. 1762
The SAFJ series hazardous-location lighting fixture is an enclosed and gasketed fixture rated for wet locations and CUL-listed. The fixtures are rated for Class I, Division 2; Class II, divisions 1 and 2; and Class III environments. The fixture features a medium base, with a smaller housing available with 35- to 100-W HPS, 50- to 100-W MH, suitable for space-restricted areas. A baked-on epoxy finish, stainless steel wire guards, and polycarbonate reflectors offer corrosion protection. AZZ/RAL Rig-A-Lite (Houston).

Pump Controller
Booth No. 1702
The FlowStation pump controller is an out-of-the-box solution for wastewater and stormwater lift stations and other pumping applications. The controller features event and alarm logging, a hand-held interface, wireless communication, and touchscreen options. Control Microsystems (Kanata, Ontario).

Membrane Bioreactor
Booth No. 2982
A membrane bioreactor solution designed for wastewater treatment consists of a biological treatment process using the activated sludge principle. The process is combined with water filtration, achieved with a submerged ultrafiltration membrane device. Membrane apertures are 1500 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Premier Tech Environment (Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec City).

Booth No. 2368
The 0.5-in. male NPT fittings for Flex-Pro A3 peristaltic metering pumps incorporate a patent-pending design for quick installation. The adapters are designed to retrofit with existing pump head design. Fittings are made of polyvinylidene fluoride (Kynar®) and feature larger orifice size to enable a higher flow rate with viscous fluids. Flex-Pro peristaltic pumps now ship with a choice of either a 0.375-in. tube compression fitting or a 0.5-in. male NPT fitting. Blue-White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).

Booth No. 4185
The PillAerator, a turbo compressor, is designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs for aeration tanks. The unit features include a sound hood, air-intake filter, frequency converter, PLC, and remote control. Magnetic bearings are designed to eliminate the need for bearings or oil exchanges. The air-intake filter must be cleaned or exchanged occasionally. Piller TSC Blower Corp. (Scotia, N.Y.).

Process Management Control System
Booth No. 1853
The IntelliPro® process management control system combines the monitoring power of a supervisory control and data acquisition system with integrated comparative analysis and operator guidance through the BioAlert™ optimization program. The system is designed to offer a link between operations, equipment, and treatment objectives and proactively respond to changes as they occur. The system is designed to enhance power efficiency, trending, operator notification, and on-line operations and maintenance support. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. (Loves Park, Ill.).

Liner System
Booth No. 2914
The Berolina-Liner system is an ultraviolet-light curing, glass-fiber-reinforced relining system for the trenchless renovation of pipes. The production range is from DN 150 mm (6 in.) up to DN 1000 mm (40 in.), including oval-form or other profiles. The production is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and supervised by German TÜV. BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG (Berlin).

Integration Kit
Booth No. 1607
The ISA 100.11a integration kit enables users, integrators, and OEMs to integrate their applications to the ISA 100.11a standard. The kit enables clients to evaluate performance of the ISA 100.11a stack. The system architecture supports ISA 100.11a, WirelessHART, or both protocol stacks simultaneously. It also provides wireless monitoring and control over industrial and commercial applications with a standards-based, reliable network. Nivis LLC (Atlanta).

Flexible Piping System
Booth No. 2960
The DoubleTrac® flexible piping system offers a zero-permeation double-containment product designed to provide environmentally friendly and easy installation. The system’s self-flaring fittings provide a metal-to-metal seal and are field-attachable using standard tools. The system is UL 971A-listed and designed to provide a safe, cost-effective solution. OmegaFlex® (Exton, Pa.).

Pump System
Booth No. 3503
The 2000 HS system is designed for dewatered solids transfer, pumping filter cake long distances at high volume. The system features an integral hopper with twin-screw auger feeder and G4 progressing-cavity pump that handles dewatered municipal solids with more than 50% solids. The system also incorporates a nonpulsing flow for lower operating pressures. Its twin-screw feeder supplies a constant, pressurized feed rate to the pump designed to result in a 100% pump-cavity fill rate. The system also features VFD controls, closed piping system, and an Ultra-Drive® gear joint drive train system. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Booth No. 1757
The AdvanTex wastewater treatment facility, designed for textile filtration for flows up to 1 mgd, places textile treatment media and related equipment into a single climate-controlled building to eliminate the need for multitreatment pod arrays. The facility features a streamlined system configuration, fewer components, an improved working environment for operators, and low power and life-cycle costs. The system can be preceded by a gravity sewer, an effluent sewer, a grinder sewer, or primary tankage. Secondary and tertiary treatment options are available. Orenco Systems® Inc. (Sutherlin, Ore.).

Thermal Hydrolysis
Booth No. 3455
The patented thermal hydrolysis process has been developed to pretreat biological feedstock, particularly straw and other lignocellulosic materials, for optimized production of bioenergy either in the form of biogas, second generation bioethanol, or biopellets. The process treats municipal and industrial waste prior to anaerobic digestion. Cambi AS (Asker, Norway).

Performance Contract
Booth No. 2945
Performance contracts are being offered to provide practical, measurable, and verifiable solutions for biological processes. The contracts offer a variety of methods to build and fund various projects by combining products and techniques offered by the company. Turblex Inc. (Springfield, Mo.).

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Booth No. 3165
The Headworks® Integrated Treatment™ (HIT) system is a compact wastewater treatment plant that generates reuse water from wastewater using moving-bed biofilm technology. The system consists of automatic, modular components designed for quick and easy setup with the option of tertiary process. The system is designed to be expandable, portable, and to retrofit within a small area, enabling a plant to have higher volume of treatment. Headworks Inc. (Houston).

Glass Formula
Booth No. 1883
GXV, a pH glass formula, is suitable in both low-ionic-strength solutions and high-pH applications. It is designed for streamlining inventories and to have fast response time with accuracy and repeatability. The sample pH is registered in less than 20 seconds, and the result is correct within 0.02 pH units. The pH value is reproducible over the range of zero to 14 pH. Van London–pHoenix Co. (Houston).

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