February 2008, Vol. 20, No.2

From the Editors

Operations Forum Editor's Note

Never Stop Learning

Professional development and training is one of the most important topics Operations Forum covers. The best technologies and science are worthless without skilled operators to serve as the bridge between theory and practice. And as those theories are developed faster and innovative materials open up more possibilities, more training and educational options are needed.

Learning From Afar” examines how readily operator certification agencies accept online training programs. Certification agencies, like all of us, are challenged primarily with the lack of time and money. Certification agencies need more resources to evaluate the many programs out there to ensure you and your agency are receiving value for your money.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Pass It On” is a call to action for industry veterans to accept their great value and share their vast know-how with the next generation. Whether it’s specific knowledge, such as how to coax that extra work out of Pump No. 3, or a unique perspective on how to keep the bugs in the activated sludge tank happy and hungry, newcomers are thirsty for those perspectives.

— Steve Spicer, editor

Two photos in the December 2007 section on Operations Challenge 2007 were incorrectly credited. Josh Pritekel took the photo that spans pp. 74 and 75, as well as the photo at the top of p. 76. We regret the error.