May 2009, Vol. 21, No.5

Water Volumes

Effective Groundwater Model Calibration With Analysis of Data, Sensitivities, Predictions, and Uncertainty

Mary C. Hill and Claire R. Tiedeman (2007).Wiley-Interscience, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 111 River St., Hoboken, N.J., 07030-5774, 455 pp., $105, hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-471-77636-9.

Gang Chen

This book provides a set of methods and guidelines to help produce more accurate and transparent mathematical models for both natural and engineered systems. It is an extremely helpful resource for developing conceptual groundwater models and defining groundwater model architecture.

This book also focuses on how sensitivity analysis, nonlinear regression, and associated statistics can be used to improve calibrating and testing groundwater models. Guidelines for model development, model testing, potential new data, and prediction uncertainty are included.

The flow of the book is deliberately logical: The authors define concepts at the beginning and gradually build up to advanced theories. Statistical concepts are emphasized. The various figures, graphs, and flow charts are integrated with the context to give a better understanding of the model development and calibration processes.

Additional resources — such as exercises and PowerPoint files — are available online. As such, this is a great textbook for a comprehensive understanding of groundwater modeling for senior-level undergraduate and graduate students. It also would be a handy manual for professionals working in the area of groundwater modeling and management.

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Gang Chen is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Florida A&M University–Florida State University (Tallahassee).