June 2009, Vol. 21, No.6

Water Volumes

Management of Non-Revenue and Revenue Water Data

Edgar H. Johnson (2007). Engineers Media, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest, NSW 2065, Australia, 174 pp., AU$100, softcover, ISBN: 0-85825828-5.

Assessing nonrevenue water has been a major challenge for water utilities. This book discusses the methods, techniques, and models to estimate water losses.

The book starts with an introduction on water management data. Data capture is discussed, including meter selection methods, water level and pressure devices, and associated errors. The author covers various data collection methods — from manual to remote — and identifies the applications of each method. In the area of data processing, validation methods and sources of errors are detailed.

The book takes a holistic approach to the important topic of data manipulation and representation of water demands. The author draws on a few case studies to explain the data application.

The final chapter illustrates how a water utility system can address the various design, operational, and control techniques presented. The author traces the path of data accuracy from the point of data capture through its application.

Two appendices are provided that describe the generic management requirements of a data laboratory, as well as the technical requirements of an in situ calibration laboratory. While these appendices are descriptive, the terms used within them are not adequately explained in the main chapters of the book.

In large part, the writing style of the book is consistent. It brings an international perspective to the area of nonrevenue water data estimation and management. It would be a valuable resource for water utility professionals, consulting engineers, and water planners.

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Rasheed Ahmad is a senior watershed manager at the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management.