June 2009, Vol. 21, No.6


Biofiltration System
The MÓNASHELL biofiltration system treats a broad range of compounds and high levels of hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfides. It reuses waste shells as media to maintain a neutral pH for the biological treatment of odorous sulfur compounds without using chemicals or nutrient additives. The waste airstream is directed into recirculating water within the system, allowing contact between selected microorganisms and odorous compounds. The harmless bacteria reside on the shell media and neutralize acid byproducts of sulfide oxidation. The system is designed to be low maintenance and to have low operating costs and a small footprint. Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc. (Greensboro, N.C.).

Ultrasonic Flow Transmitters
Ultrasonic flow transmitters are suitable for measuring flow in most clean liquids and many liquids with entrained solids. Applications include monitoring flow rates of chilled or heated water. The transmitters are designed to free users from having to calibrate the transmitter to fluid temperature, viscosity, or density for easy deployment and reliability. The transmitters are designed for full-scale flow ranges from 15 to 400 gal/min in 0.75-in. to 3-in. pipe. Clark Solutions (Hudson, Mass.).

Hydrant Wrench
The model 252F hydrant wrench is a double-handle ratcheting wrench designed to loosen and tighten operating nuts on hydrants. The 33-in.-long wrench is available with 1.5-in., 1.75-in., and 2-in. pentagonal sockets. The design allows the user to always face the roadway when working. A control located in the head of the wrench reverses the action safely and conveniently and is semienclosed to protect against fouling. The wrench handles and sockets are coated with electrostatic epoxy paint. Lowell Corp. (West Boylston, Mass.).

The scientific series 3510 valve provides a small size per Cv of flow. Available in 0.25-in., 0.375-in., and 0.5-in. sizes, the valve has an ambient temperature range of –10°C to 50°C and a pressure range of zero to 150 psi. Spartan Scientific (Boardman, Ohio).

Monitoring and Logging System
The Aqua TROLL® 100 monitors and logs conductivity, salinity, and temperature. The system includes the TROLL Shield antifouling system that is designed to lengthen instrument deployment by 6 weeks. The system includes linear, linear average, and event logging modes with a 1-per-second logging rate and 4 MB of memory for up to 380,000 data points. In-Situ Inc. (Fort Collins, Colo.).

Dissolved-Oxygen Sensor
The Triton DO8 dissolved-oxygen sensor is designed with fluorescence-quenching optical technology and microprocessor-based electronics. The self-monitoring sensor stores calibration data and is designed to minimize maintenance. The sensor features a maximum error rate of less than 2% with repeatability of ±0.5% and resolution of 0.01% saturation. The sensor is designed to withstand temperatures from –20°C to 60°C and records measurements at temperatures from –5°C to 50°C. It withstands pressures up to a maximum of 10 bar. Electro-Chemical Devices (Yorba Linda, Calif.).

Reducing Pressure Valve
The series RPV valve reduces pressures from 3 to 140 psi. The valve is available in 0.5- to 2-in. cast iron that is rated at 200 psig at 400°F, and 0.5- to 1-in. stainless steel that is rated at 300 psig at 420°F. Other features include a spherical seating surface on the floating stainless steel disc for tight shutoff, different spring ranges, and an integral stainless steel strainer. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).

PVC Pipeline
The CertaFlo™ GreenLine polyvinyl chloride pipeline now includes larger pipe diameters of 10 to 12 in. designed for use in upsizing overloaded smaller lines and for size-on-size replacement of deteriorated pipelines. The pipe is made of a high-impact material that features the Certa-LokTM integral bell restrained joint system. The corrosion-resistant pipe requires no solvent cements or butt fusion equipment and is available in 10-ft and 20-ft lengths. CertainTeed Corp. (Valley Forge, Pa.).

Mass Flow Controller
The B-Series mass flow controller provides a compact flow measurement and control solution designed to be insensitive to fluctuations in pressure and temperature. The controller measures line pressure and adjusts the control valve, which is designed to eliminate the actual flow and flow signal changes from pressure fluctuations. Built on a 1.125-in.-wide platform with user interface and local digital display, the system incorporates internal self-diagnostic routines that continuously check the health of the device. Brooks Instrument (Hatfield, Pa.).

The OriMaster compact-orifice flowmeter is suitable for line sizes from 1 to 8 in. at pressures up to 1450 psi. It features an integrated differential-pressure transmitter and manifold design, and is designed for fast, accurate response. With a wafer-design orifice carrier assembly, every system comes with a centering tool designed to ensure that the meter is correctly positioned in the pipeline. ABB (Norwalk, Conn.).

Pump-Protection Switch
The Gladiator pump-protection switch is suitable for monitoring a large variety of liquids and the levels of dry powdered material in industrial environments. Designed to have immunity to product buildup and to be easy to set up and calibrate, the switch uses Modbus, HART, or Profibus protocols. A remote amplifier can be positioned up to 500 m away from the unit. The HawkLink Global System for Mobile Communications–Code Division Multiple Access communication option is designed to enable a technician to commission, calibrate, test, or check the output of the unit from anywhere in the world. Hawk Measurement (Middleton, Mass.).

Grinder and Screening System
The Channel Monster XD 3.0, a grinder and screening system, is 13 ft tall, weighs 9300 lb, and produces 7 ton of force at peak loads. It is designed to combine rotating screening drums with a grinder to shred solids while processing up to 59 mgd, which is suitable for pump stations. The system has a 15-hp grinder and a 1-hp motor for the drums. The grinder has 3-in. hex driveshafts and stainless steel coil drums with a 0.5-in.-diameter rod. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

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