April 2009, Vol. 21, No.4


Cleaning Nozzle
The HydroSurge™ cleaning nozzle is designed to handle a variety of large pipe-cleaning and maintenance applications. It features an adjustable nozzle plate and water-jet inserts with adjustable angles. The cleaning mode of 15 to 20 degrees is designed to remove heavy deposits from the bottom of the pipe. The propulsion mode of 5 to 10 degrees provides forward motion while moving sand, silt, and other debris back to the pipe opening. The nozzle is available in configurations of 6, 8, 10, or 12 water jets. Vactor Manufacturing (Streator, Ill.).

The Vista Plus and Octopus loggers are designed for various applications, including open-channel level and flow monitoring, flow rate and rainfall measurement, pump usage, and network pressure monitoring. The loggers feature a 5-year battery life, multiple inputs and outputs, and fully submersible waterproof housing. The Octopus logger has multiple integrated telemetry options in addition to a switch output that can drive additional equipment. The Vista Plus is a specification manual download logger fitted with a local display and multiple input options. It is compatible with personal computers and personal data assistants. Halma Water Management (Cwmbran, Wales).

Quantitative Analysis Software
The AutoQuant Pro™ automated, multicomponent quantitative analysis software provides access to a package of features for analyzing gas-phase spectra. The system helps build accurate analytical methods for quantifying components of complex mixtures. It uses the point closest to the actual concentration of the sample for an accurate analysis. MIDAC Corp. (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Uninterruptible Power Supply
The UniStar P series single-phase uninterruptible power supply is an on-line double-conversion supply available in rack-mounted designs. The system protects from outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 160 to 280 VA at 45 to 65 Hz. Each system features high-overload handling without transfer to the bypass and protection against short-circuit and over-temperature conditions. The system is available with a capacity of 6 kVA and a smart battery management system that continuously monitors battery status and recharges when necessary. Staco Energy Products Co. (Dayton, Ohio).

Ethernet Data Radio
The SCADAWave JR50 spread-spectrum Ethernet data radio uses portable network access to remote assets, such as field-installed controllers and intelligent sensors. The radio features dual Ethernet ports, a built-in Ethernet switch, extended operational temperature range, and a metal enclosure. The product is configured using an embedded HTML Web server that also provides network management and remote diagnostics capabilities. Control Microsystems (Kanata, Ontario).

Gas Turbine Flowmeter
The series TFP-GV and TFP-GI gas turbine flowmeters utilize a turbine wheel and electro-optical detection to convert flow rates into a linear 0- to 5-VDC output signal for recording and data logging with a local 3.5-digit LCD flow-rate indicator. The meters are offered in a variety of process connection sizes and flow ranges. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).

Five Class 1, Division 2 MicroSeries relays designed for use in hazardous locations feature single-pole, double-throw configuration, and screw-clamp termination. The relays are available in 12-VDC, 24-VDC, 24-VUC, 120-VUC, and 230-VUC versions. The VUC relays accept AC and DC input signals. Inductive kickback protection is provided through an integrated RC circuit, designed for a safe switching threshold and to eliminate leakage currents. The relays also feature integrated polarity protection. Weidmuller (Richmond, Va.).

AC Drive
The series NFX9000 is an adjustable-frequency AC drive designed to provide adjustable speed control of 3-phase motors. The drive comes with a removable keypad and features V/Hz motor control and RS-485 serial communications. The system is designed to provide quiet motor operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth, low-speed performance. Omega Engineering Inc. (Stamford, Conn.).

The model 20 HT/GT agitator features a right-angle drive designed for easy installation in applications with limited headroom clearance. Various seal options and speeds are available. The agitator also includes a standard-cast dry-well seal, reversible rotation, and heavy-duty output shaft and bearings. Chemineer Inc. (Dayton, Ohio).

Reactors and Filter
The PuraM® membrane bioreactor system consists of an air-diffuser assembly that is designed to achieve total nitrogen standards without backpulsing, frequent chemical cleaning, permeate pumps, or site-installed chemical dosing. The PuraMAX® moving-bed biological reactor is an attached-growth activated sludge process system designed to achieve high-quality effluent with a small overall footprint. The PuraSAF® submerged aerated filter is an attached growth activated sludge process that uses recycled plastic media to act as biomass carriers. All systems are designed be simple to operate and maintain. Bord na Móna (Dublin, Ireland).

Syringe Valves
Mininert® syringe valves have leak-tight 250-psi sample storage capability. The valves include push-button operation and have bodies of polytetrafluoroethene with a stainless steel stem. The valves are designed for lab glassware with syringe access to screw-cap and crimp-top vials, test tubes, flasks, and reaction chambers. These add-on valves enable samples to be pressurized just before injection for better resolution. VICI Precision Sampling (Baton Rouge, La.).

Metering Pumps
The series PZ pulse-metering pumps are designed for accurate, reliable injection of various liquids, including chemicals, nutrients, and disinfectants. The pump flow rate and accuracy were designed to be unaffected by fluctuations in voltage and to operate under any single-phase voltage from 94 VAC to 264 VAC. The pumps are available in manual control, external input, and programmable models. Models PZD-32/52 and all PZiG Models have built-in calibration and are designed to allow accurate direct entry of feed rate in mL/min. The new PZiG models offer high flow rates and pressures, and viscosity of up to 4000 cps on larger models. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc. (Lansdale, Pa.).

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