January 2009, Vol. 21, No.1

From the Editors

Operations Forum Editor’s Note

New Year’s Resolution

 New Year’s Resolution

I have a resolution for Operations Forum this year: I’d like to print more articles about the great work that operators are doing. The best stories are the ones in which we get to see the pioneering spirit of operators. Some of my favorite operator-centric articles from the past 2 years are listed below.

This issue includes another of my favorite stories: how a group of operators went above and beyond their day-to-day duties to tackle a tough problem. In this case, the operators at the New Lenox (Ill.) Wastewater Treatment Plant built a customized odor capture and treatment system for about $300,000 less than the estimates to contract out the work. To find out how they did it, click here.

I have no doubt that there are hundreds of other stories out there just waiting to be told. The hard part is finding them. So to help keep my New Year’s resolution, I’m asking for your help: Send an e-mail to sspicer@wef.org or call me at (703) 684-2463, and share your projects and accomplishments. If you hear about something interesting going on somewhere else, let me know that, too. Together we can make sure that all operators get the recognition for the great work they do.

Steve Spicer, editor