November 2013, Vol. 25, No.11



Panel computer
The EXPC-1319 is designed to be used in industrial settings. Rugged for extreme environments, the system meets UL Class 1, Division 2, and IEC ATEX Zone 2 hazardous location codes without the need for special measures, such as complex and expensive enclosures or additional certification processes. It can be installed in hazardous areas worldwide where potentially explosive gases or vapors may be present, such as in petrochemical and chemical processing plants, mining, paint factories, and fueling stations. Because these areas often are subject to high humidity, the panels are sealed off to NEMA 4X and IP66 ingress standards to protect their sensitive electronics from water ingress even when they are deployed outdoors. In addition, the panels meet T5 temperature requirements by maintaining an operating temperature of 120°C (248°F) or less in ambient temperature of 60°C (140°F). It is fully functional down to –40°C (–40°F), conditions expected in arctic oil drilling. It comes standard with a high-performance Intel ® 1.8-GHz Atom core D525 platform. Depending on preference, the operator can elect to use the LCD in either touch-screen or standard mode. Moxa Americas Inc. (Brea, Calif.).

The 750-885 Media Redundancy Controller provides applications with network redundancy and greater data processing. The Ethernet 2.0 750–885 p rogrammable logic controller features two redundant networks backed by dual, independent Ethernet interfaces and 1 MB of data memory. The SD card provides up to 32 GB of extra memory for backup and restore, file transfer, and time stamping/data logging. The system’s two Ethernet ports enable operation over independent networks and paths. If redundancy is not required, the system separates data between different networks — machine and office. The system withstands constant vibration/shocks, EMC interference, and high air-humidity/temperatures. WAGO Corp. (Germantown, Wis.). 


Data loggers
Point Colour units are low-power, battery-operated IP68-rated GSM/GPRS-based compact loggers. They provide real-time monitoring of up to five sensors and have an external serial port for connecting to intelligent sensors. The software has configurable input/output and includes support for AI, CI, DI, and DO. The units provide long-term secure data retention, dynamic data recording, and intelligent alarm functionality. Advance warning of flood threats is provided via an internal immersion sensor. Designed to be “plug and play” and simple to install with a modern intuitive configuration application, units have both the flexible integrated installation bracket and a USB port for computer connection onsite. Metasphere Ltd. (Tadworth, Surrey, England). 


The user-friendly ReadCenter ® Analytics software provides water and gas utilities with easy access to timely metrics and information. Designed to give visibility to key utility management concerns, ReadCenter AnalyticsPro and ReadCenter Analytics+ make use of metering data to facilitate intelligent, information-driven decisions. When coupled with advanced metering infrastructure hardware, the software delivers a Web-based advanced metering analytics solution that helps utilities optimize operations to increase productivity, improve customer service, conserve resources, and generate more revenue. At a glance, water utility personnel can see potential issues, such as leaks, tampering, no usage, reverse flow, and endpoints that are reaching the final days of useful life. Badger Meter (Milwaukee).   


Self-cleaning filter
A unique drive mechanism for electric automatic self-cleaning filters has been developed, tested, and put into production for critical filtration applications. Positive movement of the cleaning mechanism with simplification of the controls results in less maintenance and greater reliability. No limit switches, no reversing motor, no double contactors, and no chance of crashing at the end of the stroke are designed to make the drive on this spot-focused suctioning dirt collector robust and long-lasting. Coupled with increased screen area, the Model ORE/A automatic self-cleaning electric screen filters are some of the largest and most dependable heavy-duty filters on the market. Orival Inc. (Englewood, N.J.). 


Gas detector
The TS4000H Intelligent toxic-gas detector offers protection against a wide range of hazardous industrial gases and is able to safeguard against oxygen deficiency. The detector features event logging, a clearly visible LED, and an indicator for remaining sensor life. It is compatible with the HART communications protocol for uniform and consistent communication without disturbing the integrity of the 4–20-mA analog signals and also is available in a Modbus configuration and with three 8A relays. All of the electronics are contained within an explosionproof housing so that sensor information can be processed at the sensor site. The detector is easy to install and can self-calibrate by activating a magnetic switch and applying gas. General Monitors (Lake Forest, Calif.). 


Trash pump
The new Trash Flow TFCC-ME Series is an engine-driven trash-pump line designed for municipal and industrial markets with fluid-handling applications. The series is available in 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-in. sizes with a fluid-handling range of 450 to 5500 gal/min. The pump engine sizes range from 43 to 148 hp. Several options are available, such as vacuum prime assist for pumping through long suction-hose lines and sound-attenuated huts for substantially reduced noise in residential areas. Users can select from skid-mounted or trailer-mounted pump models. All models feature computer-balanced impellers for solids-handling applications, silicone carbide mechanical seals, and adjustable wear-plate carriers for easy operator maintenance. Wastecorp Pumps (New York). 


The SOR ® 805QS is a compact, loop-powered pressure-switch transmitter designed for rugged construction. The transmitter is ideal for the oil and gas industry, where hazardous locations and hostile environments require a process instrument that is explosionproof, hermetically sealed, and enclosed in stainless steel housing. An optional flush diaphragm seal is available and designed to prevent substances from clogging the pressure port. These materials include oil and petroleum with high concentrations of paraffin. The switch setpoints and continuous output zero, and span points are field-adjustable via the optional calibration kit. SOR Inc. (Lenexa, Kan.). 


The Horizontal Split Case Pumps, available in 64 models, are designed for heating and cooling systems, municipal water supply systems, transfer and pressure boosting, irrigation and boiler/feed condensate, as well as other industrial applications. The pump line includes a range of sizes up to 500 hp and can handle heads up to 750 ft, flows up to 15,000 gal/min, and a temperature range of 18°F to 250°F (–8°C to 120°C). The horizontally split casing enables replacement of bearings and the mechanical seal without disturbing the system piping. Other features include hydraulically balanced double-suction impeller, a tongue-and-groove neck design that eliminates rotating-assembly seizing, and permanently lubricated single-row bearings. Wilo USA (Rosemont, Ill.). 


Water treatment
The HEVAP™ high-efficiency evaporation process treats produced water from such oil sands thermal processes as steam-assisted gravity drainage. The process preconditions the feed water by incorporating a softening step, combined with additional conditioning of the feedwater, prior to treatment by the evaporators. This process provides the evaporators with a scale-free environment in which to operate. Other advantages include high allowable concentration factors; increased recovery of high-quality reusable water; no requirement for antiscalants; no requirement for EDTA dosing; and no requirement for mechanical cleaning. Aquatech (Calgary, Alberta). 


Imaging camera
The z70 Chief Inspector Heat Spy camera is designed for maximum resolution for precise thermal images. The system features a 30-Hz 384 × 288 resolution for 44% more pixels than 320- × 240-resolution imagers. Each of the 110,592 pixels displayed on the 3.5-in. color LCD screen is fully calibrated to provide clear, sharp images. Improved thermal sensitivity of 0.06 at 30°C helps the user make finer distinctions between displayed temperatures, pinpointing subtle differences and issues that may be present. Users can load thermal images to the photo application on the iPad and use a reporting application to develop a report. Palmer Wahl Instruments Inc. (Asheville, N.C.). 


Hand-held flowmeter
The NCMP-603 is a clamp-on, noninvasive hand-held meter, that uses the latest in transit-time technology to measure a liquid flow from the outside of the pipe. The unit is well-suited for flowmeter calibrations, spot checks and flow studies on water, wastewater, chillers, boilers, HVAC, energy management, and chemical process applications. Features include 4—20-mA output, a logger with 300,000 data points, USB download, and an 18-hour battery life. The meter also includes a sleep function for extended battery life, as well as an internal self-check function. The clamp-on transducers are adjustable for pipe sizes from 1 to 48 in. The unit operates within a temperature range of –40 ° F to 300 ° F (–40 ° C to 150 ° C). Noncontact Meters Inc. (Kennesaw, Ga.). 

Pressure transmitter
The PFS battery-powered differential-pressure transmitter provides highly accurate flow-measurement readings without the need for an external power source. The transmitter also provides accurate flow-rate and totalization readings for applications that include gas, water, chemicals, and air with temperature limitations. Combining a factory-installed, direct-mounted transmitter with any of the company’s differential devices makes for an attractive turnkey solution. It has a long service life and is ideal for remote locations where power is not available. The transmitter can be applied to the WedgeType™ flowmeter for accurate monitoring of oil and gas, and also on Venturis, to provide options for high accuracy in demanding applications, such as irrigation-water, aeration-air, and fueling systems. Primary Flow Signal (Cranston, R.I.). 


Retroreflective light
The PVL Retroreflective Light Array is designed to provide quality visibility, quick response time, and wide, reliable coverage to help streamline pick-to-light and conveying processes for factory and warehouse applications. The light features optomechanical alignment with bright-red emitter beams spaced 70 mm apart for easy setup and installation. To ensure effective light-guided assembly in diverse applications, the light is available in two lengths — 225 mm (8.9 in.) and 500 mm (19.7 in.) — and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to racking systems. Upon applying the supplied retroreflective tape to an adjacent PVL or accessory bracket, the emitted light beams are directed to the tape strip, and a highly visible indicator arrow lights up to notify users which bin to pick from. Banner Engineering Corp. (Minneapolis). 


Grease-receiving system
The Heavy Object Trap, model GRS, has been designed for grease receiving and screening. The system, also known as the “HOT,” features a variable bar screen with spacings of 0.5 in. or 1 in. (12 mm or 25 mm) to capture and direct heavy objects. such as rocks, silverware, and trash, into the debris basket. The largest basket holds up to 2.2 ft 3 (0.06 m 3 ) of material. The unique bar-screen design and hot-water washdown system prevents screen blinding and enables high flow rates of grease. The HOT comes in six different sizes. It has a maximum flow rate of 600 gal/min (35 L/s) with an operating pressure of 15 lb/in. 2 (1 bar) and is available with 4- or 6-in. (100- or 150-mm) pipelines. The system also features a Muffin Monster grinder with a 5-hp (3.7-kW) motor. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).   


The DR 900 hand-held colorimeter is designed for quick and easy access to most used testing methods and is field ready. The colorimeter is made for use in harsh and challenging field environments. Ruggedly constructed, waterproof, dustproof, drop tested, and shock resistant, the instrument ensures reliability in all conditions. The instrument has a backlit display option for use in low light areas with the push of a button. It can store data from up to 500 tests, and comes with a USB port for easy data transfer to a PC or laptop after a day in the field. Hach Co. (Loveland, Colo.). 


Excavation tools
The Utility Air-Spade 4000 ® series air-excavation tools is designed to uncover underground utilities. Harnessing the power of compressed air, system provides a fast and safe methodology of uncovering underground utilities without damage. Air-excavation is the safe alternative to traditional digging methods, such as employing shovels or backhoes, which can damage or puncture sensitive underground cables and lines. The system can excavate the toughest of soils, and is designed with operator safety in mind. Other features include a rugged, ergonomic handle engineered to accommodate linesmen’s gloves; thermally insulated grip with retractable stabilizer bar and integral air-pressure gauge; dead-man trigger with trigger guard prevents accidental actuation; insulated, 4-ft fiberglass barrel rated up to 300kV; nonsparking brass barrel sleeves and threaded connectors; nonsparking, brass supersonic nozzle; 105 and 150 ft 3 /min sizes; and adjustable, rubber spray shield. Guardair Corp. (Chicopee, Mass.). 


Cable tool
The IDEAL PrepPRO™ prepares virtually any coaxial cable ranging from large RG-6 Quad to RG-59 plenum with industry-standard 0.25- × 0.25-in. strips in as few as two turns of its spinner ring. In addition, by replacing the primary blade cartridge with the included UTP/STP cartridge, the tool can cleanly remove the outer jacket of CAT3/5e/6 cables, doubling its value by replacing the need for a traditional UTP stripper. The tool features a spring-loaded jaw design that achieves the continuous balanced forces required to cut cables clean and fast. Blade forces will not relax over time. The ergonomic lever can be actuated to set the blade by thumb or palm grip as preferred by the user. It also cost-effectively provides cable installers with versatile stripping power in a compact and rugged form factor that travels easily to various jobsites. Its contoured body slips easily into pant pockets or tool pouches, and clips onto clothing in between cable preparations.  Ideal Industries Inc. (Sycamore, Ill.). 


Flow totalizer
The Series RTI Rate/Total Indicator is an indicator/transmitter that takes the pulse output signal from compatible flowmeters, displays flow rate and total, and provides output signals. It is compatible with the Series EFS2, IEFS, PDWS, TBS, and FLMG. The system can be mounted on either a wall or meter and has an additional panel mount option. It comes factory-mounted, but accessory mounting kits make it possible to change the mounting orientation post-factory. It also features high environmental protection with semiflexible urethane potted electronic components. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.). 


The SFT-10 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump can deliver carbon dioxide at pressures up to 10,000 lb/in.2 (69 MPa) at flow rates from 0.01 to 24.0 mL/min. These characteristics make the pump ideal for use in supercritical fluid extraction, and a variety of other high-pressure applications, including supercritical fluid reaction chemistry and chromatography. The pump uses dual-sapphire syringe pump technology to achieve high pressures rapidly. The Peltier chiller has superior cooling capability. It maintains the temperature at the pump heads low enough to ensure that carbon dioxide remains liquid. The standard operating mode is “constant pressure” where the pump will maintain a pressure set point. An optional constant flow mode, from 0.01 to 24.0 mL/min is available. Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. (Newark, Del.).  





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