June 2013, Vol. 25, No.6


 Product Focus: Flow control devices 


Vortex Shedding Flowmeters are ideal solutions for applications using water, water/glycol coolant, and other low-viscosity fluids. Designed for superior performance and durability, the meters feature no moving parts to clog or wear out, providing reliability and requiring little maintenance. The meters operate with NPT ports ranging from 0.25 to 2 in. in size and can handle flows from 4 to 200 gal/min, with occasional over-ranging up to 125% of capacity without damaging the meter. The meters also feature 4–20-mA flow-rate transmitters and can withstand working pressures from 10 to 300 psig (pound-force per square-inch gauge). They are designed to operate efficiently at fluid and ambient temperatures from 35°F to 150°F. The meters have a stainless steel or bronze body with polyvinylidene fluoride sensors and fluorocarbon seals. Parker Fluid Control Division (New Britain, Conn.).  



The FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor is designed for use with tubing from 0.125 in. to 0.5 in., and the electronics may be either integrally or remotely mounted from the sensor element. The unit is extremely sensitive to low-flow-rate detection. There are no moving parts to foul or clog and no cavities, orifices, or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples. The unit is suitable for application in liquid or gas analyzer sampling systems. It is small, lightweight, and features a choice of electronic outputs, including open collector, relay, and 4–20-mA outputs. An onboard 10-LED array provides at-a-glance visual indication of flow rate to the user. All setup parameters can be performed via its two front-panel push buttons or via a PC over its RS-232C I/O. Fluid Components International (San Marcos, Calif.). 



The Victaulic Vic-Press™ Series P569 and Series P589 ball valves are designed to be used with the Vic-Press system, a flame-free, press-to-connect system that joins pipe, valves, and fittings in a matter of seconds. Series P569 valve features a full Type 316 stainless steel body and trim with PTFE seats. A blowoutproof stem and self-adjusting floating ball provide uniform sealing. The full-port design minimizes pressure drop for maximum flow efficiency. The three-piece, swing-out design enables easy in-line maintenance. The valves are offered with Vic-Press Schedule 10S ends, grooved ends, or press by grooved ends. The Series P589 valve features a forged-brass valve body. The chrome-plated brass ball is hollow to eliminate unnecessary weight while maintaining flow and mechanical strength. PTFE seats and washers reduce the friction coefficient, easing valve operation. The Vic-Press Schedule 10S ends are available in ASTM A-312 Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel. Victaulic (Easton, Pa.). 



Flygt 2600 drainage pumps feature Xylem’s patented DuraSpin™ hydraulic system, the Hard-Iron™ impeller, and the Plug-In Cartridge seal. These pumps are three times more wear-resistant than conventional drainage pumps. The pump range includes increased durability on the seal system, greater protection against corrosion, a simplified design, and capability for dry running. Consisting of six drainage and three solids-handling sludge pumps, it is suitable for use in worksites of any size and handles flows from low to medium and high to super-high. The pump also handles flows of up to 100 L/s, heads to 90 m, and solids up to 80 mm in diameter. It is available with power ratings from 0.85 to 18 kW, 50 Hz. The range of drainage pumps is engineered for professional use in tough mining, construction, tunnelling, and industrial dewatering applications. Flygt (Stockholm). 


Restrictor valve 

TheSFT-110XW redesigned restrictor valve with integrated micrometer enables precise flow control. A completely removable oven lid and large side panel gives the user easy access to the high-pressure vessel(s). An indicator light on the SFT-10 pump module alerts the user to proper operation of the Peltier precooler, ensuring that carbon dioxide is maintained in the liquid state. A robust outlet from the restrictor ensures that users will not accidently damage the outlet tube when inserting it into the collection container. The valve accomodates extraction vessels up to 500 mL, single or dual configurations. Supercritical Fluid Technologies (Newark, Del.).  



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