April 2013, Vol. 25, No.4


Product Focus: Pumps & motors    


The XD 3.0 grinder is 13 ft tall, weighs 9300 lb, and produces 7 tons of cutting force at peak loads. The grinder combines rotating screening drums and a Muffin Monster ® grinder to shred solids while processing up to 59 mgd. This combination is ideal for pump stations, since the grinder shreds rags, plastics, wood, and trash so particles flow easily through pumps and pipelines. This new design features larger cutters, shafts, and housings, which enable the grinder to process heavy debris and first-flush storm loading. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).  

Pump module  

The SM100 Sampling Pump Moduledraws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 L/min from monitored areas to a gas detector, making it easier and more cost-effective to measure hazardous gases in areas that are too remote or inaccessible, or too cold, hot, or wet for direct sensor monitoring. The user-friendly pump supplies gas for up to three gas detectors in a single line. It features a low-flow indicator, which informs the user if flow is insufficient for gas detection. It also includes a trouble relay that provides a local signal indication of the low-flow condition. Its rugged design and Type 316 stainless steel construction make it suitable for gas detection service in a variety of harsh industrial environments.General Monitors (Lake Forest, Calif.).  


Pump head  

The SGV Vortex pump head for Vanton SUMP-GARD ® vertical thermoplastic pumps handles fluids and slurries containing stringy materials or solids up to 2 in. in diameter. The solid thermoplastic construction of all wetted components enables corrosion-free, abrasion-resistant handling of acids, caustics, and a wide range of solids-laden wastes at temperatures up to 275°F (135°C). The pump head features a recessed, balanced, clog-free impeller, which enables solids to pass through the pump without blockage and is offered on Vanton SG Series sump pumps for depths up to 20 ft and on SGK cantilevered bearingless run-dry pumps for depths up to 4 ft. All fluid-contact components of the pump are available in abrasion-resistant polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, or polyvinylidene fluoride. Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp. (Hillside, N.J.) 

Submersible motor  

The CentriPro Xtreme Duty with a 4-in. submersible motor is designed for sandy wells and coal-bed methane applications. The motor combines both sand-fighting and coal-bed methane motor capabilities into one unit. A silicon carbide mechanical seal and a felt diaphragm filter prevent coal fines and other abrasives from entering the motor. All sizes feature a 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft and 1500-lb thrust bearings, compared to the industry standard 2- and 3-hp motors with 900-lb bearings. Xylem Inc. (Morton Grove, Ill.).  

Submersible motor pump  

The Amacan P submersible motor pump, previously known as the PNT pump, originally designed for stormwater and wastewater applications, is an ideal fit for the wave machines commonly used in water parks. The pump has a current capacity of up to 110,000 gal/min and a power range up to 550 hp. It can be installed vertically or horizontally. Built for stormy conditions, this system includes a sealed shaft and motor, and double-sealed cables. This design protects the cables at entry to the pump motor and prevents movement inside the tube, stabilizing the cables and helping to prevent damage. The diffuser casing and motor housing are made of cast iron; the shaft, casing wear ring, screws, bolts, and nuts are stainless steel. An aluminum–bronze/duplex stainless steel propeller completes the pump. In addition to its use in wave simulators, the pump is well-suited for other water features, such as river-rafting rides and flumes. KSB Inc. (Henrico, Va.).  

Hose pump  

The Apex hose pump is designed to suit all dosing, metering, and transfer duties between 0.7 and 317 gal/h. Unlike other pump types, hose pumps have no expensive wearing components, such as seals, valves, membranes, stators, rotors, or glands, to maintain. The pumps are suited for handling corrosive, viscous, shear-sensitive, gaseous, or crystallizing fluids — or even combinations of these properties. The models are three pumps in one, with a single pump body adjustable for three hose sizes (10, 15, and 20 mm). Bredel (Wilmington, Mass.).  

Metering pump  

The redesigned Chem-Pro ® C2 diaphragm metering pump has a broad range of capabilities, which include a larger pump cover — enabling engineers to increase the size of the control pad and make it more intuitive — and a protective snap-on cover for the control pad. Other features include remote start/stop, which is standard on all models; 4–20-mA output; upgradable firmware; a large single-piece junction box (40% larger than previous models); and terminal-block connectors. Profibus, Profinet, and Ethernet also are available. Blue–White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).   


The Moyno ® 2000 Model WA and WB pumps are designed for lower-pressure, lower-flow applications that do not require the full features and benefits of the Moyno 2000 G1 pump. The models are ideal for municipal and industrial applications that require the transfer of highly viscous fluids and solids where a close-coupled configuration is preferred. WA pump features include bearings integral to the adapter housing that support the radial thrust loads at the rotor/stator; standard-size/keyed gear-reducer shaft; sealed, gear-type universal-joint drive train; and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. WB pump features include traditional close-coupled design with thrust and radial loads supported by the bearings in the gear reducer; no shaft bearings; a gear-reducer output shaft designed with cross-drilled pinholes for extended service life; a sealed, gear-type universal joint drive train; and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).  

Channel disintegrator  

The Dimminutor® provides effective, automatic screening and grinding of wastewater solids in straight-through channels and wet wells. This unit reduces plastics, wood, rags, and other solids to fine bits. The unit has an open design to handle high flow rates with low head loss. It is easy to maintain and features individually replaceable cutters, oil lubrication, and a simple rotary design requiring no auxiliary diverter screens. A unique cantilevered design eliminates seals or bearings near the gritty channel floor. Every component of the unit is constructed for precision and long life. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).  


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