March 2013, Vol. 25, No.3


Product Focus: Piping installation and repair







Kynar® ADX resin is designed to bond together Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride and polyolefin resins in potable-water piping. The resin enables manufacturers to produce multilayer pipe, which utilizes the barrier properties of Kynar PVDF for other polymer structures. The polymer offers high chemical resistance, purity, abrasion resistance, and thermal resistance. Products can be melt-processed into pipe, fittings, valves, nozzles, and pumps, and can be cast into flat-sheet and hollow-fiber membranes or drawn into monofilament or multifilament fiber for wovens and nonwovens. The resin resists such cleaning and disinfection agents as bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peroxide, acids, and alcohols. Arkema Inc. (King of Prussia, Pa.). 


The 3505 Gylon ® Stress Saver ® gaskets seal lightweight metallic, plastic, and fiberglass flanges that cannot provide the proper loads to compress conventional fiber or polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets. The molded, raised ribs enable a more concentrated gasket load, creating a tighter seal with less torque on both flat and raised-face flanges. In ongoing laboratory testing under controlled conditions, the gasket installed in fiberglass flanges has logged more than 3000 thermal cycles without leaking or having to be retorqued. Garlock Sealing Technologies (Palmyra, N.Y.). 

Rigid coupling  

SlideLOK™ rigid coupling is designed to enable fast, easy, and safe pipe installation. The installer simply lubricates the exposed gasket surfaces and slides the coupling completely over the pipe end, where it securely remains until the installer adds the adjacent component and slides the coupling into place. Other features include a patented coupling and pressure-responsive gasket with four separate sealing contacts that engage the groove all the way around the pipe. A specially developed leading edge eliminates gasket pinching, and the gasket lips facilitate easy slide-over. Anvil ® International (Atlanta). 

Press system  

The Victaulic PFT510 hand-held pressing tool is used to press couplings, fittings, or valves onto a pipe end, providing a positive mechanical interlock and creating a rigid, permanent, leak-tight joint. Patent-pending press-detection technology enables the installer to identify unpressed joints as the system is filled. The system requires 70% fewer man hours than welding to install. Unlike welding, no flame or arc is required for installation. Compared to flanges, couplings weigh less and feature a lower, boltless profile, enabling the system to be installed in tight spaces. Victaulic (Easton, Pa.). 

Pressure-reducing valves  

SRD pressure-reducing valves are designed to provide smooth, steady, and precise pressure control from maximum to virtually zero flow without the need for low-flow bypass valves. The effective area of a single rolling diaphragm remains constant, so the bonnet is much smaller and lighter than a flat-diaphragm version. A measured quantity into the bonnet control chamber gives the same smooth movement of the inner valve through the entire stroke. A smaller bonnet makes the valve lighter and safer for maintenance, while the smaller control chamber enables it to respond faster to changing pressures. By eliminating the seat chatter at low flows, the valve avoids injecting small pressure pulses, which, over time, may increase leakage, losses, or pipe bursts. Singer Valve Inc. (Surrey, British Columbia). 

Ball valves  

The PTP Series three-way PVC ball valve protects piping systems and reduces cost when diverting flow. Rather than use two two-way automated valves to control the flow of liquids, a single three-way valve does the job with fewer components. The valves are used for irrigation, wastewater, pool, water, filtration, and light-duty chemical applications. Assured Automation (Clark, N.J.). 

Secondary containment system  

The Contain-It Plus double-pipe system offers users a unique method of joining pipes to make installation easy. The inner pipe is joined first and subsequently pressure-tested. In a second step, the protective outer pipe is closed. The outer and inner pipelines can be joined and tested individually. Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd. (Schaffhausen, Switzerland). 


The Series 300 Plunger Valve is designed with a valve-actuator mechanism that provides nonlinear closure with precise surge resistance and control ranges as high as 96%. The plunger’s O-ring seal, which is located outside of the cavitations zone, and four hard-faced cylinder support guides work together to help minimize wear and provide the valve with a longer operational life span. The valve’s input shaft features a dual inboard seal that helps protect the shaft and the shaft bore from corrosion. Henry Pratt Co. (Aurora, Ill.). 

Fusion machine  

The TracStar 500 Series 3 is capable of fusing thermoplastic pipes from 6-in. (iron pipe size) to 20-in. outer diameter (180 mm to 500 mm). The fusion carriage can be removed and lowered into a ditch for fusions in tight spaces. Power for the heater is supplied by an onboard generator, while a hydraulic-pump system driven by the engine provides the power for the facer, dual-speed track system, and more. Dual hydraulic pipe lifts help load and unload the pipe into the carriage. McElroy Manufacturing Inc. (Tulsa, Okla.). 

Pipe fittings  

ARC™ seamless high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bends are now available in 16-, 18- and 20-in. sizes. Fully pressure-rated and manufactured for angles ranging from 5 to 90 degrees, each bend is one continuous piece of HDPE with no mitered fusion joints and a seamless interior that creates virtually no flow restriction. Other features include increased wearability in slurry lines, as well as suitability for butt-welding, electrofusion, or flanging and no reversion. Pipestar International Inc. (Winnipeg, Manitoba). 

Restrained-joint PVC pipe  

The Certa-Lok™ C900 restrained-joint polyvinyl chloride pipe product line now includes an integral bell design option as well as a 14-in. size for larger diameter pipes for projects involving underground drinking water mains, reclaimed water, and force main sewers. Available in 4-, 6- and 8-in.-diameters, the Certa-Lok C900 RJIB (restrained joint integral bell) features a time- and field-proven mechanical pipe joining system, which utilizes a combination of precision-machined grooves and a nylon spline to provide exceptional tensile strength in pulling or pushing operations. Rounding out the design is a flexible elastomeric gasket within the integral bell to provide a solid pressure-certified hydraulic seal. The pipe does not require costly fusion or solvent welding and can be assembled in real-time as pullback continues, eliminating the need to string out several hundred feet of pipe within or beyond the work zone. CertainTeed (Valley Forge, Pa.) 

Turbine meter  

The FTB-630 series features nonresettable mechanical totalizers in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-in. pipe sizes. The turbine meters are manufactured of cast iron and epoxy-coated for protection. The durable, accurate, and cost-effective turbine meters have an optional pulse output and can be equipped with magnetic-pulse reed sensors for remote totalizing, pacing of electronic metering pumps, and water treatment applications. Omega (Stamford, Conn.). 

Composite fabric  

Agent-Q (patent pending) is a nonwoven composite fabric structure embedded with C.I.Agent solidifier. Specially developed for its high hydrocarbon binding and filtration capability, the fabric has no water flow restriction and is not dependent on water pressure. It offers businesses and industries a way to filter hydrocarbons, such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, solvents, or peanut and vegetable oils. The agent is an environmentally friendly blend of seven polymers, and it encapsulates and solidifies hydrocarbons on contact, turning them into a nontoxic, nonleaching rubberlike mass. C.I.Agent Solutions (Louisville, Ky.). 

Water-level meter  

Model 102 Water Level Meters use narrow cable and segmented probes to measure water levels in tight spaces. The meters offer greater flexibility in angled piezometers and assist in bypassing down-hole restrictions or pumps when measuring drawdown. Each meter’s 0.375-in. P2 brass probe includes 10 segmented weights for use in greater depths. For narrow applications, the 0.25-in. P1 stainless steel probe with 12 segmented weights is available. The meters are available in lengths to 1000 ft. The Model 102M Mini Water Level Meter comes with 80 ft of cable on a small portable reel. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario). 

Phase monitor  

The SFT Phase Monitor II determines the solubility of various compounds and mixtures in supercritical and high-pressure fluids. The monitor provides direct visual observation of materials under conditions controlled by the researcher. Experiments may be performed in liquids, supercritical carbon dioxide, or other liquefied gases. The monitor also provides the user with direct observation of the dissolution, precipitation, and crystallization of compounds over various pressures and temperatures. Advanced studies may be done to determine melting point depressions and the degree of polymer swelling in supercritical fluids, carbon dioxide, or traditional solvents. Experiments can be performed at pressures up to 10,000 lb/in.2 and from ambient temperatures up to 150°C. Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. (Newark, Del.). 

Pressure gauge  

The Ashcroft ® Type 1009 Duralife ® SS pressure gauge features a 0.25-in. or 6-mm outer-diameter tubing connection. This threadless, straight tube design allows the gauge to be directly connected to pressure tubing systems via industry standard ferrule-type mechanical grip couplings. The connection eliminates the need for adapters and facilitates quick installation and removal. The optional tubing connection is offered on 2.5- and 3.5-in. gauges with full-scale ranges up to 7500 lb/in.2. Ashcroft Inc. (Stratford, Conn.). 

Wall-mounted cabinets  

Designed for both industrial and office environments, Eclipse Dual Access wall-mounted cabinets provide a rigid and strong enclosure for high-density LAN cabling and 19-in. patch panels, as well as any other 19-in. electronic equipment. The unit consists of three sections: a heavy-duty wall-mounting rear and base, the main body, and a solid or window lockable front door. The body and the door are independently hinged and open 120 degrees to give unrestricted access to both the front and rear of the mounted equipment. Standard sizes range from 16-in. high × 24-in. wide × 15-in. deep to 48-in. high × 24-in. wide × 24-in. deep. Nonstandard sizes can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. Hammond Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Guelph, Ontario). 

Filtration system  

The Aquip® Downspout advanced stormwater filtration system attaches to roof downspouts with a do-it-yourself configuration to remove up to 98% of zinc from stormwater runoff prior to release into the environment. The system attaches to downspouts between 2 and 6 in. in diameter and uses a layered, advanced media configuration developed by the company specifically for filtration of particulates and adsorption of dissolved metals from rooftops. The system requires no power, uses no chemicals, and has no moving parts. It includes both external and internal high-flow bypasses. StormwateRx LLC (Portland, Ore.). 


The SENTRY XP high-pressure pulsation dampeners now feature the XPA models in 316L wetted stainless steel, a redesigned threaded end cap that significantly increases the dampener’s maximum pressure rating with a more rugged, and corrosion-resistant sealing component. The end cap on XPA models incorporates a large 2.875 to 20 unified national fine thread that replaces retaining rings on the original XP models. Larger multiple threads enable the necessary grip area and shear allowance to withstand significantly higher maximum allowable working pressures. The original XP models were rated up to 4000 lb2/in. The XPA models are rated up to 7500 lb2/in. (517 bar). The dampeners are available in 8, 12, and 24 in.3 and a variety of pressure ratings. Blacoh Fluid Control (Riverside, Calif.). 

Control panel  

The 331 Lift Station control panel is a simple, versatile solutionfor standard duplex applications. It covers three phases (up to 32 amps each) and three voltages (208, 240, or 480 V) with one panel. The station control panel is pre-engineeredto simply fit and click the appropriate overload module into the starter for operation. Available in stainless steel or fiberglass wall-mount enclosure, the station control panel uses standard four-float operation (off, lead start, lag start, and high-level). SJE-Rhombus (Detroit Lakes, Minn.). 


The Pressure Sensor is designed for use in water applications within residential, commercial, municipal, and irrigation pumps to measure water-booster pressurization in pipelines and tanks, and serve as part of monitoring and control systems. As pressure sensors used in pumps can come in contact with water of varying pH levels, the water-pressure sensor uses Krystal Bond™ technology and a one-piece, thick diaphragm design that keeps hazardous materials from penetrating the sensor diaphragm. Units can be constructed in 17–4 pH and 316L stainless steels, as well as inconel and titanium, to handle all types of water. American Sensor Technologies Inc. (Mount Olive, N.J.). 

Soft starter  

The MST Digital Soft Starter is designed with six silicone controlled rectifiers and three-phase voltage control that offers advanced protection for the motor, the soft starter, and the load. Available from 7.5 to 1000 hp at 208 to 575 VAC, this product is suitable for pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, mixers, and stirrers. The starter also features programmable torque control, which provides a more linear acceleration during start (reducing wear) and during stop, virtually eliminating the pump water hammer. The starter is available as an open starter or as an enclosed combination starter. Baldor Electric Co. (Fort Smith, Ark.). 

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