January 2013, Vol. 25, No.1


PRODUCT FOCUS: Flow Monitoring and Measurement  

Full-bore flowmeter
The Burkert Type 8055 Full-Bore Magflowmeter is designed for precise, highly accurate dosing and filling control over many flow applications. The continuous or batch control flowmeter incorporates two freely programmable transistor outputs (40VDC, 100mA), 0/4–20mA current output, and RS485. With a large, easy-to-read graphic display, it is programmed locally via three keypads or by PC. The flowmeter is available in general-purpose, low-flow, and sanitary versions. Fluid temperature range for the general-purpose version is 32°F to 140°F; for the sanitary and low-flow versions it is –4°F to 302°F. Ambient temperature range for all versions is–4°F to 140°F. Maximum fluid pressure permitted for all versions is 234 lb/in.2. Burkert Fluid Control Systems (Irvine, Calif.). 

Flow switch/monitor
The FS10A Flow Switch/Monitor is designed for use with tubing from 0.125 to 0.5 in. Electronics may be mounted either integrally or remotely from the sensor element. The meter has no moving parts to foul or clog and no cavities, orifices, or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples. The device is suitable for application in liquid or gas analyzer sampling systems. It is small and lightweight and features a choice of electronic outputs including open collector, relay, and 4–20mA. An onboard 10-LED array provides at-a-glance visual indication to the user of flow rate and whether the alarm limit has been tripped. All FS10A set-up parameters can be performed via its two front panel push buttons or via a computer over its RS232C input/output. Fluid Components International LLC (San Marcos, Calif.). 

The Model 140MX flowmeter is designed to produce self-induced oscillations. Unlike traditional flowmeters, it has no moving parts or bluff bodies to wear or jam. The flowmeter handles high-viscosity fluids and low flow rates, performs in tough applications, and has no piping run requirements. Other features include a repeatability flow rate of 0.25%, 12:1 flow turndown, viscosities up to 80 centistokes, and pipe sizes of 0.75, 1.0, and 1.5 in. Hawk (Middleton, Mass.). 

The Sitrans LUT400 compact, single-point ultrasonic controllers continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids, or slurry applications. The controllers are available in three models: the LUT420 level; LUT430 level, pump, and flow controller; and LUT440 high-accuracy open-channel monitor. The series is suitable for an array of applications, including those in water and wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing processes, and industrial storage. The controllers feature an intuitive user interface, which is programmed in less than 1 minute using the graphical Quick Start Wizards. The data-logging capabilities enable users to store and review data logs or transfer them to a computer. Siemens Industry Automation Division (Atlanta). 

The Triton TR8 Clear Water Sensor is designed for all phases of drinking water processing, including filter backwash. The sensor operates over a wide measurement range with output available in multiple units. It features an error rate of less than 5% with repeatability greater than 1%. The sensor electronics constantly adjust suspended solids and turbidity signal readings versus the reference detector for accurate measurement. A built-in digital filter helps suppress potentially interfering signals, while self-monitoring diagnostics ensure high reliability. The sensor is factory-calibrated in formazine and plug-and-play ready for applications. Electro-Chemical Devices (Irvine, Calif.). 

The PFS-HPF meter for open channel flows handles excessive pipe slope or velocity conditions. The meter design is NIST-traceable and has a discharge coefficient that significantly reduces environment-induced measurement errors. The self-supporting design enables a wider minimum to maximum flow-rate range with the addition of secondary devices from the company. With laboratory flow calibration, the meter accuracy is ± 1.0% of maximum rate. Primary Flow Signal (Cranston, R.I.). 

Flow measurement
Flow Pulse, a compact, cost-effective pipe-flow monitor, promises exceptional repeatability, accuracy, and simple installation with no downtime. The system monitors flow rate in fluid-distribution systems and checks pump efficiency in process plant or wastewater pumping stations. Using a screwdriver, a small sensor is clamped to the outside of a pipe and immediately obtains a reliable, repeatable flow measurement. The system operates in a flow range of 0.3 to 4 m/s with minimum particle size of 100 µm and concentration of 200 ppm or more. Pulsar Process Measurement (Worcestershire, England). 

The FMG800 series electromagnetic flowmeter features a built-in rate and total indicator. With no moving parts, the magmeter permits unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements. The flowmeter is designed to track flow rate and total flow in usage monitoring applications, including wells, industrial wastewater, heap-leach mining discharge, cooling-tower deduct, turf, landscape, and other water reclamation applications. Omega (Stamford, Conn.). 

Water-level meter
Model 102 Water Level Meters use narrow cable and segmented probes to measure water levels in tight spaces. The meters offer greater flexibility in angled piezometers and assist in bypassing down-hole restrictions or pumps when measuring drawdown. Each meter’s 0.375-in. P2 brass probe includes 10 segmented weights for use in greater depths. For narrow applications, the 0.25-in. P1 stainless steel probe with 12 segmented weights is available. The meters are available in lengths to 1000 ft. The Model 102M Mini Water Level Meter comes with 80 feet of cable on a small portable reel. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario). 

The 50 H.P. Turbo X-Treme Magnum Water Cannon aerator, designed with a rotating water cannon, sprays water constantly from above to provide the maximum in foam suppression. The floating surface aerator pumps up to 12.5 mgd. In operation, the cannon rotates 360° every 95 seconds, spraying more than 100 gal/min over a 230-ft-diameter area. The aerator is suited for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and disaster recovery applications. It performs especially well in “high-foam” applications. Airmaster Aerator Inc.(DeRidder, La.). 

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