October 2012, Vol. 24, No.10


Spray nozzle

The Spray Nozzle trihalomethane (THM) removal system for medium and small tanks is effective at removing all four types of regulated THMs. The system provides tank mixing and THM removal in one. A submersible pump pushes water through the spray nozzles, where THMs are volatilized and removed from the water. Simultaneously, some of the pump flow also is directed through a mixer located near the bottom of the tank. In cold climates, the THM removal function can be switched off while the mixing function continues to prevent ice damage in the tank. It is portable and prepackaged for user or contractor installation, with minimal permanent infrastructure changes. It includes the assembly, tank-mixing system, submersible pump, piping, and tank adapter. SolarBee Inc. (Dickinson, N.D.).


Network module

The WNM wireless network module sends process signals between remote field sites. A single unit transmits as far as 30 mi and has the ability to act as a repeater for a virtually unlimited transmission range. The technology enables multiple radio networks to use the same band while in close proximity and operates at standard frequencies of 902 to 928 MHz or 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz. The module works with the NCS NET Concentrator System®, as well as other supervisory control and data acquisition and distributed input/output systems. It is designed to be easy to install and use, and can be factory-configured to fit user specifications. Moore Industries-International Inc. (North Hills, Calif.).



The continuously sequencing reactor is a biological nutrient removal system contained within a single basin. It incorporates aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic phases that sequence with time rather than space. The design enables complete separation of aeration and mixing. It has a 100% aeration turndown capability, enabling aeration to be turned off while the reactor mixes without adding air. By using the company’s FlexControls, the reactor process is designed to meet the most stringent requirements. Schreiber (Trussville, Ala.).


Channel disintegrator

The DimminutorÆ is designed to provide effective, automatic screening and grinding of wastewater solids in straight-through channels and wet wells. The unit reduces plastics, wood, rags, and other solids to fine bits. As its three bidirectional rotary cutters intermesh at close clearance with stationary cutters, solids are reduced to a size small enough to pass through a sizing screen. This unit features individually replaceable cutters, easy-access oil lubrication, and a simple rotary design. It requires no auxiliary diverter screens. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).


Chart recorder

The NEWPORT® iTHX-SD transmitter enables users to view virtual charts as well as record temperature, relative humidity, and dew point over an Ethernet network or the Internet with no special software — just a Web browser. The device triggers an alarm if the temperature or humidity goes above or below a set point. The alarms can be sent via e-mail (to a single user or a group distribution list) or via text message. The transmitter comes complete with a removable 2-GB secure digital flash memory card, which stores up to 7 years of readings taken at 10-second intervals. The output is a simple text file that can be imported to spreadsheets and other programs. NEWPORT Electronics Inc. (Santa Ana, Calif.).


Pressure transducers

These pressure transducers generate an electric signal based on the pressure to calculate the flow, speed, or level of gases and liquids. These units accommodate 4–20-mA, zero–5-V, or 1–10-V signal outputs with Packard, DINN, or cable-type connections. Available in six different series, the transducers feature ceramic, silicone, or piezoresistive sensing elements, which are intended to provide excellent linearity and outstanding reliability. Quality housings of Type 304 or 316 stainless steels are rugged for long-term use applications in various industries, including HVAC, water treatment, hydraulic control and monitoring, compressors, aerospace, and process control. Palmer Instruments Inc. (Asheville, N.C.). 



The ST75 flowmeter delivers precision flow measurement while reducing energy fuel gases, specialty gases, and pneumatic air. It features media temperature compensation to ensure performance under variable process and plant temperature conditions. The flowmeter offers accuracy to ±1% and repeatability to ±0.5%. Installing it in large process-industry facilities and assembly plants with multiple gas compressors enables operators to compare compressor use and optimize efficiency. Standard features include line sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 in. (6 to 51 mm). Fluid Components International (San Marcos, Calif.).


Butterfly valves

CompoSeal valves comprise a range of highly engineered butterfly valves made from a blend of two thermoplastics. The blend offers increased flexibility while remaining firmly within existing regulatory framework and industrial design standards. The valves require less energy in production than traditional metals through the use of injection-molding technology, as opposed to foundry production. They also use fewer raw materials, compared to traditional methods. The composite materials also may be reused many times; the valves are fully recyclable. Tyco Valves and Controls (Princeton, N.J.).


Tank covers

Defender™ tank coversare custom-manufactured from industrial-grade materials to fit new or existing wastewater treatment or potable water tanks. The odor-control covers stop volatile organic compounds at their source and minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment. The covers also eliminate the ongoing expense of applying costly odor-control chemicals through atomizers and misters. Environetics Inc. (Lockport, Ill.).


Purging system

This total automatic purging system is designed to flush the toughest pipes and improve water quality without compromising fire pressure while ensuring minimal loss of nonrevenue water. It uses an automatic control valve and battery-operated timer to control the time, length, and pressure required to flush a distribution system effectively. The system optimizes the flushing process by offering a range of valve sizes from 0.5 to 12 in. (15 to 300 mm) to provide the correct velocity to pull or draw fresh water into a zone. Singer Valve (Surrey, British Columbia).


Oil spotter

The SJE Oil Spotter™ system is designed to provide pump and alarm notification of potentially threatening water and oil levels in elevator sump basins, transformer vaults, leachate-well applications, garages, or any application requiring ASME A17.1 compliance. The spotter features a factory-installed oil–water switch with four probes and a mechanical high-oil alarm float. The control panel enclosure is NEMA 1 rated for indoor use and features a receptacle to accept a 120-V, 15-A pump plug. The light-emitting-diode indicators on the front door of the panel indicate high-water, high-oil, pump-run, and power-on. Auxiliary contacts are included to connect remote alarms, an autodialer, or a building automation system. SJE–Rhombus® (Detroit Lakes, Minn.).


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