September 2012, Vol. 24, No.9


Sequencing batch reactor 

Booth No. 4271 

The ASBR high-quality effluent biological nutrient removal reactor provides a process solution for various treatment applications where the wastewater is biologically degradable. It features fewer tanks and a smaller footprint than conventional treatment systems, high-efficiency aeration to minimize power consumption, and minimal and robust equipment for easy maintenance and operation. The reactor is available with one or multiple basins. AWT Technologies Inc. (Calgary, Alberta).


Wastewater treatment system  

Booth No. 4271 

The BIOWORKS® wastewater treatment system, which utilizes earthen or concrete basins and a suspended aeration system, is designed to produce high-quality effluent. The components include the OXIWORKS® energy-saving aeration system and the OXIRISE® maintenance and retrieval system. The system can be used in various applications in municipalities, towns, villages, and rural areas, as well as in industrial applications. Other features include nitrification, denitrification, biological phosphorus removal, and cross-flow clarification for optimum settling efficiency. BIOWORKS® North America Inc. (Richmond Hills, Ga.).


Biological wastewater treatment plants  

Booth No. 4704 

These fully biological wastewater treatment plants in polyethylene tanks with capacities of 317 to 32,834 gal/d are preassembled. The treatment system is 100% biological and automated. The basis of all the plants is the fixed-bed technology, which is designed to adapt to different wastewater conditions. The plants are durable and environmentally sustainable, have excellent stability, are ideal for narrow building sites, feature permanent water-tightness, have stable cleaning capacity, and are soundless and odorless. Other features include low-bacteria sludge production, improved collection efficiency during the final clarification stage, and a lower pollutant discharge. Delphin Water Systems of America Inc. (San Antonio).


Ammonia analyzer 

Booth No. 1318 

The ChemScan “mini” LowAm ammonia analyzer is designed for rapid, automatic batch analysis of ammonia in wastewater effluent. The analyzer is among the industry’s lowest-cost process analyzers. Like the larger models and unlike probes, the minis were designed from the ground up for highly accurate, reliable operation in the harsh real-world environment of the wastewater treatment plant. Requiring minimal maintenance with quarterly reagent changes, the analyzer reduces the energy costs of aeration and verifies process performance. ASA Analytics (Waukesha, Wis.).


Manhole frame 

Booth No. 3251 

The Lifespan System® watertight, corrosionproof, rubber manhole frame with locking cover is designed to keep water from entering sanitary sewers, thus reducing treatment costs or the need to expand treatment facilities. The system absorbs vehicular impact, enabling the structure and surrounding pavement to remain intact. It is designed to be easy to install and weighs less than 55 lb. The tapered adjustment risers enable simplified matching of the frame with the slope of the surface. The cover bolts down to deter theft and surcharge. Hamilton Kent (Toronto, Ontario).


Air-pulse protection system 

Booth No. 4851 

The TAP-APP mixing system uses pulses of air to move water within potable water tanks, protecting the water from various water quality issues. All components within the water container are stainless steel and contain no moving parts. An insulated enclosure at ground level houses all control components. The system gives owners another tool to preserve and protect water tanks. Caldwell Tanks Inc. (Louisville, Ky.).


Multichannel controller 

Booth No. 4077 

The MultiCELL Type 8619 multichannel controller is designed for water-treatment, food, and pharmaceutical applications. In reverse-osmosis systems, the controller can be used as a flow indicator to measure the ORP value or percentage retention value. The controller also can be used to regulate the pH value, the dosing of chemicals, and ratio control. The system is adapted at the factory to the particular application and customer specifications. The standard version includes user interface, main board, AC adapter, two analog and digital outputs, and two digital inputs. Burkert Fluid Control Systems (Irvine, Calif.).


Bar screen 

Booth No. 4451 

The Screentec mechanical vertical bar screen is designed for headworks, lift and pump stations, manholes, and deep wells. Because of its design, the screen can be retrofitted into any structure with minimal or no changes. It protects pumps from rags and debris, fits into narrow and deep structures, and requires minimal and easy maintenance. Aqualitec Screening Equipment (Compton, Calif.).


Fixed-plate filter 

Booth No. 2439 

The Fluidyne Fixed Plate (FFP™) systems use a combination of differential head and a series of simple open–close pneumatic valves to provide tertiary wastewater filtration and backwash in compact stainless steel packages. Vertically placed cloth-media panels are fixed in place during all operations, reducing mechanical complexity and maintenance while allowing for easy media replacement and reduced equipment footprint. The filters are suited for municipalities, residential developments, and industrial applications that require effluent tertiary filtration to meet strict discharge standards. Fluidyne Corp. (Cedar Falls, Iowa).


Wastewater treatment systems 

Booth No. 3116 

MyFAST® wastewater treatment systems are designed for commercial developments and small communities with inflows ranging from 40,000 to 160,000 gal/d. The systems provide wastewater treatment in one tank, resulting in a higher-capacity decentralized system with a smaller footprint. The systems also can be used to upgrade struggling package plants and provide small communities with innovative, affordable options to centralized wastewater systems. Bio-Microbics Inc. (Shawnee, Kan.).


Oxygen-demand monitor 

Booth No. 1816 

The ODM-100oxygen-demand monitor provides real-timeoxygen-demand dataat any point in your plant’s process. The unit can be installed or moved quickly to locations for a full analysis of biological activity. The monitor operates in continuous or sequential batch mode and feeds directly to a supervisory control and data acquisition system or stores data on a USB drive. Continuous mode can be used for toxicity detection and trend monitoring. The unit is equipped to operate in harsh plant environments and comes with everything needed for installation. Challenge Technology (Springdale, Ark.).


Dual-aperture drum screen 

Booth No. 1827 

The Duet screen combines a 3-mm fine screen with a finer-mesh 500- to 1800-µm screen. Adding the second-stage screen to a common drum with the first-stage fine screen provides the same benefits as two screens with the cost of only one. The second stage removes a substantial amount of fibrous waste, thus keeping downstream processes free of as much membrane-fouling waste as possible. Ovivo (Salt Lake City).


Grit washing and dewatering system 

Booth No. 4929 

The GritCup™ uses free-vortex grit washing, and the SpiraSnail™ unit’s conical clarifier provides the surface area required to remove fine grit. The process offers cost-effective automated grit washing and dewatering with no water requirement. The system guarantees 90% capture of all grit 106 µm and larger, and greater than 60% total solids in output grit. Hydro International (Hillsboro, Ore.).



Booth No. 3235 

The centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe comes in diameters from 18 to 126 in., with capabilities to produce larger diameters. Hobas Pipe USA (Houston).


Web-based alarm 

Booth No. 4018® provides dependable alarm monitoring and notification in a completely wireless, Web-based system. Its online interface is accessible from any Web-enabled device, eliminating the need for landline-based connections. RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co. Inc. (Emeryville, Calif.).



Booth No. 6521 

Envir-o aerators are designed for aeration in residential wastewater treatment units. The specially formulated diaphragm material provides extended life while incorporating the most energy-efficient motors for low power consumption and a low-cost solution. The aerators are UL-approved, and models are available in capacities from 30 to 250 L/min. They include a 2-year warranty. Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. (Buford, Ga.).


Flocculation system 

Booth No. 2926 

The WesTech RapiSand™ Ballasted Flocculation System is designed for high-rate clarification. It combines rapid mixing and multistage flocculation followed by sedimentation. The system can be applied in a wide variety of suspended-solids-removal applications. Some uses include expanding plant capacity and minimizing plant footprint. WesTech Engineering (Salt Lake City).


Water solution 

Booth No. 1244 

RYDALL WO Water Optimizer is an ecofriendly additive that reduces hydrogen sulfide; chemical oxygen demand; biochemical oxygen demand; total dissolved solids; total suspended solids; and fats, oil, and grease. This substance also is intended to enhance methane production and dissolved-oxygen content. It is a highly concentrated, complex mixture of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements that is noncorrosive to metals, concrete, and plastics. The solution is biodegradable, contains no bacteria, and is nontoxic to humans, animals, and plants. Apex Engineering Products Corp. (Aurora, Ill.).


Closed-channel impeller  

Booth No. 3027 

The S-tube impeller for wastewater offers high efficiency without compromising hydraulic free passage. The impeller features no cutting or moving parts, lower vibration level, and less abrasive wear due to smooth channel design. Grundfos (Aurora, Ill.).



Booth No. 6539 

These composite fiberglass covers offer heat and extreme-cold resistance, as well as chemical retardancy properties with all stainless steel hardware and gasket material. Customized company logos or lettering can be incorporated on the covers. The covers are available in many styles, including solid, simplex, duplex, hinged and lockable hatch, simplex with access, duplex with access, “frogmouth” hinged and lockable hatch, and septic riser. Topp Industries Inc. (Rochester, Ind.).


Electric drip trap 

Booth No. 4853 

The 97100E Electric Drip Trap removes condensate from low points in low-pressure gas-piping systems up to 25 lb/in.2. Available in either 3- or 6-quart sizes with 1-in. NPT inlets, the unit collects liquid until the ported rotating disc valve is opened electrically. The actuator is designed to seal the gas-inlet port prior to opening the drain port, allowing for removal of condensate without gas escaping. The trap adapts to any condensation collection and can be mounted in areas rated Class 1, Division 1 and 2, and gas group D. An optional local control panel also is available. Shand & Jurs (Hillside, Ill.).



Disinfecting system 

Booth No. 5921 

The UV-Pearl uses UV-C LEDs for disinfecting water. Its unique size and features enable it to be integrated into other water treatment systems or used as a stand-alone disinfection system. Aquionics Inc. (Erlanger, Ky.).



Booth No. 2334 

The IQ3 multiturn actuators provide enhanced operational, data-logging, and asset management capabilities. Features include a secure Bluetooth® hand-setting tool for convenient setup, configuration, and commissioning, as well as real-time data access. A large, wide-angle local display provides user-friendly displays and real-time asset management data with separately removable thrust bases across the entire range. The actuators are designed to operate in the most challenging environments and are suitable for any type of valve, either by direct attachment or in combination with secondary gearboxes. Rotork Controls Inc. (Rochester, N.Y.).


Petrolatum tape 

Booth No. 830 

This tape is designed to protect aboveground and belowground pipes, flanges, and valves against corrosion. The tape can be applied to cold, wet, and underwater surfaces and is not affected by water, salts, acids, or soil organic matter. Denso® (Houston).


Level transmitter 

Booth No. 3665 

The By-Pass Level Indicator is installed outside of a vessel or tank. The liquid level in the tank can be observed from the change of the flag color. Optional devices, such as a magnetic switch and a level transducer, can be added for electrical signal output and level transmitting. FineTek Co. Ltd. (Taipei Hsien, Taiwan).


Fine screen 

Booth No. 5931 

The MC Fine Screen is a traveling-band, deep-channel screen with depths up to 50 ft and widths up to 14 ft, with slot spacing to 1 mm. Because of its block design and no underwater moving parts, the screen is designed to require little maintenance and be easy to work on without dewatering. The block design consists of interchangeable straight or hooked elements. Filter elements are mounted on two stainless steel support shafts with end caps. The elements make up separate blocks, which are mounted on a heavy-duty drive chain without any interconnection to adjacent blocks. Schreiber LLC (Trussville, Ala.).


Bioretention system 

Booth No. 3341 

The Bio-Mod™ modular precast-concrete biofiltration-cell system is designed to add consistency to design and construction with features to enhance filter performance, structural integrity, and reduced construction and ongoing maintenance costs. The system is compatible with all types of filter soils, including nonproprietary low-flow (5- to 10-in./h) or high-flow soils. Available in many standard and custom sizes, the filter-cell modules are configured to meet project-specific flow and layout requirements. KriStar Enterprises Inc. (Santa Rosa, Calif.). 


Activated carbon media 

Booth No. 6144 

Versacomb™ activated carbon is an adsorption medium for controlling various contaminants, including acid gases, volatile organic compounds, and odors. Its design provides enhanced performance over pellet media, while the strength and resistance to water and solvents enable broader application than alternative structured media. MWV (North Charleston, S.C.).


Ragless impeller 

Booth No. 5825 

The RL-3 Impeller is designed for use in waste treatment mixing applications that are conducive to fibrous material buildup on traditional impeller assemblies. The impeller provides a high-efficiency axial-flow pattern for mixing and control in the waste treatment basin. The contoured-blade designs prevent fibrous material from collecting on the impeller blades, providing increased uptime and reduced maintenance, compared to impellers with rag agglomeration. The impeller is available in various materials and can be retrofitted to existing equipment. Chemineer Inc. (Dayton, Ohio).


Channel grinder 

Booth No. 5821 

The Moyno Annihilator Series C3A channel grinder has been redesigned to produce, on average, 30% more flow, compared to the original Annihilator Series C3 channel grinder. The high-flow side rails provide an increase in area where water can easily pass through the unit without allowing solids to pass. The side rails also provide better guidance and delivery of solids through the patented cutters and allow for greater flexibility and management of channel and flow requirements. Moyno (Springfield, Ohio).


Drain outlet 

Booth No. 3152 

The full-drain-outlet assembly (patent pending) for tanks 2500 gal and larger drains without mechanically installed nozzles and can be used where heavy solids or salts may accumulate in the bottoms of tanks. The system helps eliminate difficult maintenance work, withstands virtually any service condition, and is available with multiple expansion-joint options. The tanks are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, and high-density cross-link resin tanks are certified by NSF for chemical storage. Assmann Corp. of America (Garrett, Ind.).


Motor control 

Booth No. 3107 

CENTERLINE® 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs) with SecureConnect™ provide the ability to disconnect power from the vertical power bus in an individual unit with the door closed. The SecureConnect can connect and disconnect unit stabs without exposing personnel to live electrical parts. It also can electrically isolate equipment that needs servicing without affecting other operating equipment. The system can be applied to select units or all units in an MCC lineup and can be added to CENTERLINE MCCs with Ethernet/IP, ArcShield™, and IntelliCENTER® technology. Rockwell Automation (Cambridge, Ontario).


Wet weather treatment system 

Booth No. 2819 

The BIOACTIFLO™ system combines contact stabilization and microsand ballasted clarification to treat wet weather flows. Return activated sludge from existing clarifiers is combined with excess flows in a solids contact tank. A targeted mixed liquor suspended solids concentration is maintained in the contact tank to facilitate rapid uptake of soluble material, followed by Actiflo™ clarification. The combination results in total biochemical oxygen demand removals greater than 85%, total suspended solids removals greater than 95%, and total phosphorus concentrations of less than 0.15 mg/L. Kruger Inc. (Cary, N.C.).



Booth No. 4608 

The TLC meter has been redesigned to provide accurate, stable temperature and conductivity measurements, which are displayed on a rotating LCD display for easy reading. The 0.75-in.-diameter probe measures conductivity that has been standardized to 25°C. Static water level and depth are measured by PVDF flat tape, which is laser marked every 1/100 ft (millimeter), and now is available to 1000 ft. It includes a single-point or up to four-point calibration options. Solinst Canada Ltd. (Georgetown, Ontario).



Booth No. 1245 

FLOWIZ™ is a battery-powered magnetic flowmeter that can be equipped with a four-band modem able to communicate worldwide through GPRS protocol. The system enables access to data-logged information through a cellular system. The long-life battery-operated converter (more than 10-year battery life) can be used with all ISOMAG standard sensors, including flanged, wafer, and insertion. No special configured sensors are required. The flowmeters are OIML R49-approved and provide accurate operation over a wide flow range. Flomotion Systems Inc. (Buffalo, N.Y.).


Pump-station level controller 

Booth No. 4502 

The PSL 5.0 is designed for wastewater lift stations, wet wells, and storage tanks. Calibration and relay setpoints are entered through a user-friendly keypad and menu system. An automatic pump run time logging and reporting system helps operators plan pump maintenance and identify “lazy” pumps before they fail. It includes an isolated 4–20-mA output and six programmable control relays for pump control, pump alternation, and level alarms. Safe sensors and a built-in data logger are optional. Greyline Instruments Inc. (Massena, N.Y.).



Booth No. 4751 

The Titanium MTM3000 Series miniature submersible transmitters are designed to measure the depth and level of groundwater and seawater where space is limited. With a housing diameter of 0.39 in., the transmitter offers the user high-performance level measurement in 0.5-in. monitoring wells, standpipes, and boreholes. The titanium construction and integral polyurethane cable provide a reliable long-term solution for difficult-to-measure applications. Kevlar is used as a cable reinforcement to avoid elongation, particularly when long cable lengths are required for deep wells. A long-term stability of ±0.1% per year also contributes toward a maintenance-free installation. Process Measurement & Controls Inc. (Danbury, Conn.).



Booth No. 1134 

The minifoamer system is used to apply foaming root-, grease-, and odor-control products. These units are user-friendly, with factory-set proportions and no adjustment requirements. The system can be used to apply foaming root-control products to sanitary laterals through cleanouts via a flow-through plug assembly that keeps foam isolated. Units also can be used to apply grease- and odor-control products directly to the surface of such structures as grease traps and wet wells. Municipal Sales Inc. (Queensbury, N.Y.).


Waste treatment applications 

Booth No. 8019 

The Omnivore™ solution provides a fully integrated approach that increases digester capacity, manages biosolids, and creates new revenue streams. The system is designed to increase digester capacity by 50% and codigest sanitary sewer overflows; fats, oils, and grease; and other organic wastes. Other operational benefits include increased biogas and electricity production, converting biosolids to valuable coproducts, and maximizing utilization of heat generated from combined heat and power. Anaergia Inc. (Burlington, Ontario).


Antifouling membrane solution 

Booth No. 3135 

The FMX antifouling membrane filtration system for high-solids water uses rotating discs to generate highly turbulent vortices on flat-sheet polymeric membranes. Other features include higher productivity, less down time, easy cleaning, a small footprint, and extended membrane life. BKT (Anaheim, Calif.).


Water-tank lining 

Booth No. 4371 

Devoe Bar-Rust 234P is a two-component heavy-duty epoxy lining that protects the interiors of steel potable-water storage tanks from corrosion. The lining conforms to international NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for the storage of potable water. With a 100% volume solids formulation, the lining is designed to reduce solvent emissions and eliminate the risk of solvent retention. It can be applied as a single-coat system using plural-component spray equipment and has been specifically formulated to provide rapid return to service. International Paint/Devoe Coatings (Houston).


Manhole system 

Booth No. 2327 

The PRO-RING manhole adjustment system is a lightweight-concrete alternative designed to meet the AASHTO HS-25 load rating. It has passed ASTM C969 and C1244. The system will not degrade from hydrogen sulfide or other gases found in sanitary sewer environments. It protects concrete structures from repeated impacts from vehicles using the energy-absorbing properties of expanded polypropylene. The system can adjust 6 in. and weighs only 14 lb. Cretex Specialty Products (Waukesha, Wis.).


Membrane systems 

Booth No. 3327 

Aqua-Aerobic ultrafiltration membrane systems offer a unique fiber structure that does not break or require air-scouring. Each multibore fiber includes seven individual capillaries with a 0.02-µm pore size. Smaller, more uniform pores provide better virus removal. The alternating top and bottom feed and inside-out filtration flow provide uniform filtrate and backwash flows to minimize plugging, chemical use, and cleanings. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. (Loves Park, Ill.).


Human–machine interface (HMI) software 

Booth No. 3659 

The TxB operator panels and TxC panel PCs both feature the latest iX 2.0 HMI software. The TxA, TxB, and TxC product families include display sizes ranging from 4.3 to 21 in. and are built on different processor platforms to offer a scalable hardware solution. The newly optimized and updated iX 2.0 HMI software provides new ways to personalize an HMI application and offers universal connectivity to devices. Beijer Electronics (Salt Lake City).


Metering systems 

Booth No. 2801 

These sodium hypochlorite metering systems feature solid base assemblies coated with halar and wetted components made of PVC/CPVC, titanium, hastelloy, and viton. The system has a turndown capability of 60:1, pressure capability up to 350
lb/in.2, flow from 10 mL/min to 100 gal/h, and pulsation-free flow. Optional equipment includes a residual chlorine concentration meter (remote-mounted) for integrated target control, a digital discharge-pressure display and output signal, analog output for speed/relative flow indication, dual-pump skid assemblies with redundant service autoswitching capability, and an autodialer for offsite fault notification. seepex Inc. (Enon, Ohio).


Flow monitors 

Booth No. 5818 

The battery-powered CoolPoint™ Vortex Shedding flowmeters for water are designed for flow spot-checking. The meters will indicate flow rate or total accumulated flow on an LCD screen. Sizes range from 0.25 to 2 in., with maximum flow ranges from 4 to 200 gal/min. Universal Flow Monitors Inc. (Hazel Park, Mich.).


Butterfly valves 

Booth No. 4303       

The PVC or CPVC Wafer Butterfly Valve has a multifeature design that enables direct replacement of common cast-iron valves. The valves are pressure-rated to 150 lb/in.2 and feature built-in Santoprene® thermoplastic elastomer flange gaskets, easy operating disc-mounted seats, and fully isolated Type 316 stainless steel stems. The valves are available in sizes from 2 to 12 in. with lever handle or high-efficiency gear operation and a choice of Buna-N, EPDM, or FKM seats. Factory-installed electric or pneumatic mechanical actuation also is available. Spears® Manufacturing Co. (Sylmar, Calif.).


Mobile flowmeter  

Booth No. 7512 

The AquaProfiler M-Pro is designed for mobile flow measurement for small brooks, channels, and rivers. It complements or substitutes for hydrological instruments, such as current meters or moving-boat acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs). The system uses ADCP technology to measure velocity and water depth in a vertical single measurement. Discharge is calculated automatically according to EN ISO 748. New standards are set in terms of high resolution, and each vertical is separated into 128 measuring cells with a minimum size of 1 cm. HydroVision GmbH (Kaufbeuren, Germany).


Assessment tool 

Booth No. 1156 

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, uses a patented active acoustic inspection technology to rapidly assess gravity-fed sanitary sewers for blockages. The lightweight rugged design provides a blockage assessment in 3 minutes or less, with no confined-space entry, no flow contact, and much lower cost than CCTV inspection. A two-person crew can easily inspect more than 10,000 ft of pipe per day. InfoSense Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.).


Odor-control system 

Booth No. 419 

EPM2 odor control eliminates hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds without using hazardous chemicals. The system uses the company’s EcoBase® structured, synthetic biotrickling filter media. The units handle airstreams ranging from 300 to 1000 ft3/min, making them a perfect solution for collection systems, pump stations, and odor and corrosion control. The units are preinstalled on a stainless steel skid. BioAir Solutions (Voorhees, N.J.).


Submersible mixer 

Booth No. 7239 

The ABS submersible complete mixer XRW-range is a complete mixer range with motor technologies adapted to varying needs. The range incorporates three different motor configurations, enabling users to choose the most appropriate technology for economy and efficiency. For medium-range applications, the mixer features a permanent-magnet motor with a variable-frequency drive, which enables precise optimization of energy consumption. A premium-efficiency IE3 squirrel-cage motor provides optimum energy performance, with a gearbox added in high-range applications. Sulzer (Winterthur, Switzerland).


Universal camera 

Booth No. 1127 

The Digital Universal Camera is a semiautonomous, high-resolution, digital CCTV and side-scanning camera designed for rapid, detailed condition assessment of wastewater systems. When used in conjunction with CUES asset-based Granite XP decision support software, users can inspect and assess 5000 ft/d or more. The system also produces a continuous hemispherical scan of the internal pipe conditions in 6- to 60-in. pipe and operates at a constant speed without the need to stop, pan, and tilt. The unit can be driven on cruise control to a remote manhole or through multiple manholes for maximum efficiency. CUES (Orlando, Fla.).


Duct system 

Booth No. 6612 

The Dual Guard 2000® is designed to meet criteria for clean-room installations. With a high temperature and corrosion resistance, it can withstand a 10,000-Btu/min direct flame source and will continue to exhaust hazardous chemical process fumes during a fire. It does not require collapsing sleeves or dampers, which would prevent removal of hazardous smoke. The system has a low smoke toxicity and will not generate toxic gases. Duct, fittings, and dampers are available in almost every configuration — as small as 0.5 in. and as large as 24 ft in diameter. Fab-Tech Inc. (Colchester, Vt.).


Membrane bioreactor system  

Booth No. 4612 

This PVDF flat-sheet membrane is designed to save energy and not foul; the membrane material includes hydrophilic properties, which result in higher, more stable permeability and lower membrane air-scouring requirements. In combination with new optional fine-bubble diffusers, this unit can achieve approximately 35% energy reduction, compared to the current TMR140 series module. Toray Membrane USA Inc. (Poway, Calif.).



Booth No. 2219 

The SewerGardTM No. 210X polymer exhibits compressive strength that exceeds 15,000 lb/in.2 and elongation of 12.9%. It is used as a stand-alone, high-strength lining that enables high build capabilities, while providing a chemical-resistant barrier for concrete, masonry, brick, and steel substrates. The 100% solids epoxy polymer protects wastewater infrastructure, including manholes, lift stations, tankage, structural steel, and secondary containment. The polymer can be installed using airless spray equipment, plural-component spray equipment, or hand application by roller. Sauereisen Inc. (Pittsburgh).



Booth No. 1333 

The model 8510 multiple-path, transit-time flowmeter provides accurate flow measurement in large pipes and channels ranging in sizes from 8 in. to 600 ft. In the water and wastewater industry, this meter is designed to meet the installation challenges of large ultraviolet disinfection systems. Utilizing multiple-path, chordal, transit-time technology, the repeatable and achievable accuracy is ±0.5% in full pipes and ±2.0% in partially full pipes and channels. The flowmeter is fully backwards-compatible with all prior Accusonic transducer models. Accusonic Technologies (West Wareham, Mass.).


Pump and flow management software 

Booth No. 2855 

Symphony — Harmonious Pump & Flow Management software is designed to utilize SCADA to conserve energy and reduce force-main pressures by synchronizing all lift-station pumping activity on a minute-by-minute basis. The software also levels the flow into a wastewater treatment plant by systematically managing force mains’ diurnal curves during a 24-hour period. Data Flow Systems Inc. (Melbourne, Fla.). n



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