November 2011, Vol. 23, No.11


Bulkhead fittings
The BFAS series bulkhead fittings (tank adapters) replace the current BF series and are designed for water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, swimming pools, aquariums, marine or corrosive environments, metal finishing, and food and beverage industry applications. The fittings are designed to offer safe, quick pipe connections to thermoplastic and metal storage tanks. The fitting features a short pattern barrel and standard-sized flange, as well as left-hand threads to prevent unscrewing and enable easy one-person installation. The available size range includes 0.5 to 3 in., with either socket × thread or thread × thread end connections. Other features include heavy-duty buttress threads to help prevent leaks under pressure, hex body for easy installation, 150 lb/in.2-rating, and short pattern/barrel in polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, or polypropylene. Hayward Flow Control (Elizabeth, N.J.).


The TCR Tecora Flowcal hand-held calibrator is designed to enable fast, accurate calibration of high-volume air samplers. The calibrator checks the performance of air samplers and is able to operate either a high- or mid-flow cell. The system includes screen commands that guide users through the process of storing data for transfer to personal computers. It also enables traceable calibration on any air sampler in the field in a few minutes. Quantitech Ltd. (Milton Keynes, England).


Carbon monoxide sensor
The 4CM carbon monoxide sensor is designed for use in challenging environments. The system is designed to operate in temperature and humidity extremes at high and low gas concentrations, responding quickly to hazards. The sensor offers electrical and mechanical compatibility with previous generations of the company’s carbon monoxide sensors. It has a typical T90 time of 7 seconds and a recovery time to an indicated level of less than 2 ppm in less than 100 seconds. City Technology (Portsmouth, England).


pH control system
The Model 5000SP small, portable pH control system uses low-cost, safe carbon dioxide gas to lower pH. The system, designed to eliminate the use of costly and hazardous acids, can be equipped with either a peristaltic chemical feed pump to inject alkaline solutions to raise pH or with both the feed pump and a carbon dioxide injector–diffuser to maintain any pH level required. Designed for mobile or fixed operations, the system has the capacity to treat up to 2700 gal/h of process water. It features a Fortrans in-line carbon dioxide injector–diffuser and can convert more than 90% of gas into carbonic acid. The system uses owner-furnished tanks, basins, lagoons, or sumps and does not require a mixer in the treatment tank. Fortrans Inc. (Wendell, N.C.).


Gas and liquid management telemetry system
DATAL ALert™, a compressed-gas and liquid management system that combines cell phone and Internet technologies, is designed to provide an advanced remote telemetry solution. The system includes global positioning system mapping of cylinders, plus usage and trending reports that empower users to minimize onsite cylinder inventory. Designed to track gas use by continuously monitoring cylinder gas assets as they are in use, the system collects, analyzes, formats, transmits, and reports data through a customized Web interface. Reports and messaging are available through e-mail, fax, Web browser, and smartphone. Electronic components of the system include the latest lithium battery and low-power wireless telemetry technology. It can be powered from internal primary batteries, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, or directly from external power supplies. Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC (Plumsteadville, Pa.).


Electrochemical generators
The mobile PureClO2® electrochemical generators are designed to disinfect water to exacting standards. The mobile feature enables users to evaluate the benefits of chlorine dioxide as a replacement for secondary disinfection for Legionella control, chlorinating treatments, and disinfection byproduct reduction. The systems range in capacity from 10 to 120 lb/d, with additional sizes to be added. Each unit produces 99.5% pure chlorine dioxide solution using remote on–off dosing-pump control. Other features include a color touch screen operator-interface terminal and integrated programmable logic controller capability. The system combines mobile generation with a high-pressure injection system for various emergency disinfection applications or periodic shock disinfection treatments. PureLine Treatment Systems (Palatine, Ill.).   


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