October 2011, Vol. 23, No.10


Channel disintegrator

The Dimminutor® Turbo model provides automatic screening and grinding of wastewater solids in straight-through channels and wet wells. The unit is designed to reduce solids to fine particles, enhancing plant operation and improving the reliability of pumps and other downstream equipment. The system employs a smooth, continuously rotating design with high torque. As its three bidirectional rotary cutters intermesh at close clearance with stationary cutters, solids are reduced to a size small enough to pass through an ultraprecision sizing screen. With no gaps or openings between the screen and cutters, output is controlled. System features include faster sweeping and cleaning, an open design to handle high flow rates with low head loss, easy maintenance, individually replaceable cutters, elimination of seals or bearings near the gritty channel floor, and design for precision and long life. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).


Converter box

The C-Con™ Converter box is designed to convert most simplex and duplex control panels to utilize the floatless technology of the C-Level™ sensor. The box converts the signal from the C-Level™ sensor to simulate float levels (up to four floats). Activation levels can be set and adjusted at the box using the output dials, eliminating the need to go into the tank to move float tether points. The simulate button enables testing for proper wiring of outputs. The converter box features an enclosure for indoor use and can be mounted inside a control panel. With a 3-year limited warranty, the system is designed to operate in wastewater pump tanks, confined-space applications, and systems with high grease content. The converter also can be used as an alternative to mercury float switches.
SJE-Rhombus(Detroit Lakes, Minn.).


Pressure transducer

PXM309 Metric series transducers are designed to have static accuracy of 0.25% and 1% total error band over a compensated range of –20°C to 85°C. Featuring stainless steel construction and solid state reliability, the transducers are suited for most industrial applications as well as engine test stands. A thin film of oil transfers the pressure and is designed to ensure high accuracy and stability of the sensor. The transducers are sealed to an IP65 environmental rating. They are available with three electrical terminations, a 2-m cable with flying leads, and a mini-DIN connector or a four-pin M12 connector. Omega Engineering (Stamford, Conn.).


Conductivity sensor

The TCS3020 toroidal inductive conductivity sensor provides a non-contacting, inductive-type conductivity measurement. The sensor, constructed from Noryl, is resistant to corrosion, coating, and fouling with a wide solvent tolerance and temperature stability to 105°C. It is designed for long-term deployment with no maintenance and operates up to 150 lb/in.2. The sensor combines with the TCSMA toroidal transmitter or TCSTX toroidal transmitter for a complete conductivity measurement system. Sensorex (Garden Grove, Calif.).



The TT400 series compressor includes a 380-V, and 50- and 60-Hz power supply. The oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors are lightweight, emit little sound and vibration, include self-contained intelligent controls, and have a small footprint. The compressors are designed to provide an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solution and provide part-load and full-load efficiency. Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. (Tallahassee, Fla.).


Ball valve

The Series 3 ABVH three-way brass ball valve with hand-lever is suitable for manual valve shutoff in hot and cold water systems. The valve body, end caps, ball, and stem are made of brass and feature PTFE seats and seals. The valve also has a blowout-proof system for added safety. The mounting pad allows for direct mounting of pneumatic and electric actuators. Dwyer Instruments Inc. (Michigan City, Ind.).


Phase conversion panels

The line of Phase Conversion Panels is designed to convert an input of single-phase power to an output of three-phase power to operate three-phase pumps. The panels include inner door design, flashing alarm light and audible alarm, pump and control circuit breakers, motor starters with adjustable overloads, automatic pump alternation, pump run lights, pump seal-fail indicator, and elapsed time meters. The panels, which are housed in NEMA 4X fiberglass powder-coated enclosures with three-point latches, can be customized for triplex and quadruplex pump applications. Optional features include a generator receptacle with transfer switch, stainless steel enclosure, battery backup, and alarm dialers. Best Controls Co. (Clearwater, Fla.).


Total organic carbon analyzer

The SieversTM 5310 C total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer, suitable for the municipal water industry, enables in-field, continuous monitoring of raw and finished water TOC levels for optimization of such plant processes as adding coagulant, monitoring finished drinking water for disinfection byproduct control, and monitoring distribution security. The portable instrument can be used on-line in a plant or with an autosampler in a laboratory. It is designed to provide accuracy and precision with automated features to improve productivity and ease of use and maintenance, without external reagents or gas supplies. GE (Fairfield, Conn.).


Modular enclosure

The Hammond Modular Enclosure (HME) Series is a versatile housing for industrial controls, operator interface equipment, and switches and circuit breakers. The enclosure is constructed with a fully welded frame for strength and rigidity. The series’ three designs include the HME single door version, the HMET double door units, and the HFMD (single-door) and HFMDT (double-door) flanged disconnect versions, which are sized to accept disconnect switches from all leading manufacturers. The enclosure frame profile features square cage nut and round holes at 25-mm centers for mounting equipment and accessories, reinforced eyebolts for easy lifting, and a base gland plate with adjustable opening for cable entry. The modular design enables units to be joined together for large-scale and mixed-use applications. In addition to standard parts, the HME Series can be supplied in custom configurations, special paint colors, and with custom cutouts and windows. Hammond Manufacturing (Guelph, Ontario).


Process crane

SMARTON, a heavy-duty process crane, is designed to be a customized, intelligent, and environmentally sustainable solution for maintenance and heavy-process use that maximizes safety while minimizing energy consumption and downtime. The modular crane system features a compact design, a space-saving and foldable platform, an intelligent crane control to reduce the dynamic load on the crane structures, and a simple and clear user interface. The crane monitors its own condition and recommends when and what kind of inspections or preventive maintenance to perform. Depending on the setup, the crane can lift weights ranging from 30 to more than 500 ton. Konecranes Pte Ltd. (Hyvinkää, Finland).


Ultrasonic flowmeter

The Innova-Sonic® 210i universal transit-time flowmeter for liquid flow measurement applications features a high-powered ultrasonic pulse with improved digital signal processing, which allows the unit to use one set of transducers for a wide range of pipe sizes. The meter includes a push-button interface with a large digital display for simplified setup and data collection. The meter comes with a field-configurable 4–20 mA current loop analog output, a 2-gigabyte secure digital memory card for data logging, and a suite of programming menus for data analysis. It features an accuracy of ±1.0% of reading, a wide operating temperature range of –40°F to 176°F (–40°C to 80°C), and a bidirectional flow range of zero to 40 ft/s liquids (zero to 12m/s). The meter can be used with pipe sizes from 1 to 48 in. (25 to 1200 mm). Built-in totalizers record daily, monthly, and annual totalized flow. Sierra Instruments (Monterey, Calif.).


Mechanical seals

The ChemSeal™ line of mechanical seals is designed specifically for agitator service. The seals feature high runout, reverse rotation, and reverse pressure capability, as well as single- and double-cartridge configurations designed for easy installation and maintenance. The cartridge seals can be removed from the agitator as a complete assembly and quickly repaired before reinstallation to save maintenance time and effort. Designed for easy and quick replacement, seals are available in a variety of materials to meet critical temperature and pressure ratings. Design features include double balanced inboard faces for optimal performance, reverse-pressure capability to keep seal faces closed when tank pressure exceeds seal pressure, and bidirectional rotation capabilities. The seals come in standard 2-, 2.5-, 3-, and 3.5-in. sizes. They work at temperatures as high as 356°F (180°C) and pressures up to 300 lb/in.2. Chemineer Inc. (Dayton, Ohio).


Close-coupled pumps

The Moyno® 2000 Model WA and WB close-coupled pumps are designed for lower-pressure, lower-flow municipal and industrial applications. Suitable for applications that require transfer of highly viscous fluids and solids, the WA pump features bearings integral to the adapter housing that support the radial thrust loads at the rotor/stator; standard-size, keyed gear reducer shaft; sealed, gear-type universal joint drive train; and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. The WB pump features traditional close-coupled design with thrust and radial loads supported by the bearings in the gear reducer; no shaft bearings; gear reducer output shaft designed with cross-drilled pin holes for extended service life; sealed, gear-type universal joint drive train; and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).


Membrane system

The AquaMB Process® multiple barrier membrane system uses batch biological treatment with cloth media filtration and external ultra-filtration membranes to provide enhanced biological nutrient removal and virus and bacteria removal for reuse applications. The system is designed to offer low life-cycle cost, flexible cycle structures for enhanced bio-nutrient removal without additional tanks, automated in-place cleaning of membranes for minimal operator attention, less membrane area and chemical use to reduce costs, and easy adaptability to changing influent characteristics and effluent objectives. The system allows integration of the IntelliPro® process monitoring and control system to optimize plant performance. Aqua Aerobic Systems Inc. (Rockford, Ill.).


Tertiary filter

FlowTex is a tertiary filter for treatment plants that have stringent suspended solids discharge permit requirements or that require reuse-quality effluent. As flow passes through the cloth media discs, suspended solids are removed. Accumulated solids are removed during backwashing by rotating a vacuum head across the surface of the disc. The design allows filtered effluent from each disc segment to be sent through individual discharge ports. The independently operated segments can be replaced without taking the entire filter off-line. Entex Technologies Inc. (Chapel Hill, N.C.).


Non-batching process unit

The Duperon® Washer Compactor is a non-batching process unit that is designed to efficiently clean and compact screenings of less than 4 in. at rates of up to 60 ft3/h. The system features a dual-auger system that uses thermal-mechanical dynamics to enable absorption of grease into the debris’ naturally occurring fibrous materials. The unit’s discharge chute, which travels up to 10 ft, is designed to fit any site. The system is designed to result in compacted debris volume reduction of 84% and dry solids reduction of 60%. Duperon Corp. (Saginaw, Mich.).


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