September 2011, Vol. 23, No.9

Water Volumes

The Nalco Water Handbook: Third Edition

Daniel J. Flynn (2009). McGraw-Hill, Two Penn Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10012,1280 pp., $125, hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-07-154883-0.

Significant changes have happened in the last decade in the treatment and conservation technology of water. This third edition handbook is a timely update on the use and conditioning of water and wastewater at industrial or community facilities.

The volume has 41 chapters. The early chapters discuss basic water chemistry along with classes of water impurities. The next section focuses on impurity removal processes. Along with conventional treatment processes, advanced treatment processes such as ion exchange and membrane separation are included. The book lacks a discussion of nanomaterials, which would make a good addition for future editions.

Cooling water systems are covered in eight chapters. The details include system dynamics, water deposition, corrosion, water biology, Legionella and its control, and cooling water monitoring control. Wastewater applications are discussed in seven subsequent chapters. In addition to most commonly employed treatment processes, some special removal processes such as wet scrubber, emulsion treatment, and heavy metal removal are described, keeping industrial waste in view.

Energy consumption is another important aspect in water systems. The chapter on energy use in wastewater treatment, cooling, and steam systems covers process efficiency, performance, and economics.

The last 10 chapters of the book are devoted to specific industries as they relate to water. This handbook provides information on industry system basics along with water use, wastewater generation, and discharge.

The book can serve as a comprehensive reference source for water and wastewater engineers. It will be especially useful to professionals working in the industrial wastewater arena. For regulators and operators, this volume will make an excellent addition for relevant and quick information. The book covers the topic in sufficient detail.

Rasheed Ahmad is a senior watershed manager in the Department of Watershed Management for the City of Atlanta.

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