September 2011, Vol. 23, No.9

WEFTEC Products

Pipeline protection mesh
Booth No. 9039
The Rock Shield line of protection for pipeline coatings is manufactured from polyethylene mesh. The mesh is designed to protect pipeline coating from damaging rock backfills or rocky terrains. It can be purchased in 100-ft rolls or in custom-sized pads, and is manufactured to withstand and stay flexible within extreme weather conditions and temperatures. The mesh is available in both standard-duty and heavy-duty versions. Denso (Houston).

Free-chlorine analyzer
Booth No. 5733
The Signet 4630 free-chlorine analyzer system features amperometric sensing technology that eliminates the need for reagents. The analyzer incorporates a clear flow cell, flow regulator, sensors, filter, and rotameter in one unit. It includes prewired electronics, a 120-VAC power plug, two 4- to 20-mA outputs, and two mechanical relays. The instrument allows for either manual or continuous pH compensation and has a built-in flow regulator that automatically controls the flow stream across the sensor’s membrane, allowing for inlet pressures from 15 to 120 lb/in.2. The unit is designed to be opened easily for cleaning. GF Piping Systems (Tustin, Calif.).

Turbidity probe
Booth No. 4948
The OBS500 dual turbidity probe with antifouling combines a backscatter sensor with a sidescatter sensor and multiple antifouling methods to provide accurate measurements in biologically active water. The probe incorporates the CleanSensorTM antifouling method, which uses a shutter/wiper mechanism to protect and clean the optics. A disposable plastic sleeve is offered to facilitate cleanup, as well as an optional copper sleeve that can provide additional protection, especially in seawater. Campbell Scientific (Logan, Utah).

Motor protection system
Booth No. 8605
The BE1-11m motor protection system is a multifunction relay that provides motor protection, control, and monitoring for large and medium motors andcritical motor processes. It is designed to simplify the commissioning process for setting the relay and configuring a protection and control scheme for specific applications.The system can be retrofit in existing S1 cutouts to replace many existing motor protection relays in service without modifying or replacing the panel. Basler Electric (Highland, Ill.).

Submersible solids-handling pumps
Booth No. 1917
The Barnes SH solids-handling pumps feature cast-iron construction and oil-filled motors that provide 50,000-hour bearing life. Impellers are designed to handle long, stringy fibers and other challenging solids. Pumps can be changed without pulling and rethreading the cord through the conduit. They are available in 4-, 6-, and 8-in. discharge sizes. All sizes are designed to pass minimum 3-in. solids with motors to 60 hp, heads to 265 ft, and flows to 3000 gal/min. The pumps are available in standard and explosionproof configurations. Crane Pumps & Systems (Piqua, Ohio).

Sewer cleaner
Booth No. 5111
The 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner features increased vacuum performance and improvements to operator comfort and control, air routing and filtration, and fuel efficiency. The Smart Truck features include internal systems to monitor and troubleshoot flow and pressure, blower temperature and oil level, drive system idle, and open vacuum relief. The noise level at the operator station has been reduced. Additional features include a multistage blower filtration system and positive displacement vacuum and fan platforms. Vactor Manufacturing (Streator, Ill.). 

Dissolved air flotation system
Booth No. 2559
These rectangular dissolved air flotation systems are designed for removal of total suspended solids; biochemical oxygen demand; and fats, oils, and grease. Tank designs are offered in standard sizes based on flow rates. Materials of construction available include epoxy-coated steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. All chain and flight components are nonmetallic. Hi-Tech Environmental Inc. (Birmingham, Ala.).

Total organic carbon analyzers
Booth No. 8139
Consisting of four models, including PC-controlled and stand-alone versions, the TOC-L features a measurement range  of 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L and the 680°C Combustion Catalytic Oxidation/NDIR detection method. It features automatic sample acidification and sparging as well as an automatic dilution function and a Peltier cooler for water vapor removal. Optional salt kits permit 12 times more salt to be analyzed before maintenance is required. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Columbia, Md.).

Fiberglass reinforced plastic molded surfaces
Booth No. 700
Fiberglass reinforced plastic molded gratings, handrails, and ladders are designed to provide reliable performance, even in the most demanding conditions. With a wide selection, including multiple resins and grating configurations available in many panel sizes and surfaces, the products are designed to increase worker safety in industrial settings. Two slip-resistant surfaces are available for flooring and stair solutions, including meniscus and integrally applied grit tops available in any of the resins. Fibergrate Composite Structures (Dallas).

Static winding machine
Booth No. 4556
This static winding machine, designed for spiral-wound pipe rehabilitation, can be wound into the host pipe. The machine can accommodate pipe diameters of 18 in. or larger. It is designed for quick installation and can be installed in flow. Sekisui SPR Americas LLC (Atlanta).

Basket strainers
Booth No. 5617
The glass-filled polypropylene (GF-PP) SB Series basket strainers are available in sizes from 0.5 to 4 in., with true union threaded or flanged end connections. The vessels feature a maximum pressure rating of 150 lb/in.2 and service temperature of 240°F. The strainers are designed for robust chemical service and abrasive applications. Options include duplex configurations for higher flow rates; stainless steel, Monel®, titanium, and Hastelloy® strainer baskets; and pressure differential gauges. Hayward Flow Control (Clemmons, N.C.). 

Positive displacement pumps
Booth No. 4113
The S-Series line of positive displacement rotary lobe pumps feature wing lobes and have options for steel and stainless steel components depending on the application. S8 has a maximum capacity of 72 gal/min, maximum flow of 8 gal/100 rpm, and maximum working pressure of 175 lb/in.2. S16 has a maximum capacity of 144 gal/m, maximum flow of 16 gal/100 rpm, and maximum working pressure of 150 lb/in.2. Rated at 0 to 900 rpm, the SS8 and SS16 pumps are designed are for sludge, mud, and slurry. LobePro Rotary Pumps (Brunswick, Ga.).

Delivered bleach
Booth No. 8708
Olin delivers bleach through a distribution network of rail cars and trucks throughout the continental United States and Canada. Olin Chlor Alkali Products (Cleveland, Tenn.). 

Wastewater treatment book
Booth No. 1907
Biological Wastewater Treatment, Third Edition covers combined carbon and ammonia oxidation, activated sludge, biological nutrient removal, aerobic digestion, anaerobic processes, lagoons, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, fluidized beds, and biologically aerated filters. CRC Press — Taylor and Francis Group (Boca Raton, Fla.).

Onsite electro-chlorinator
Booth No. 2831
The Klorigen™ M-Series electrolytic systems produce chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide, and/or sodium hypochlorite at the point of use. They produce NSF 60-certifiable sodium hypochlorite at 10% concentration at operating costs as low as $0.30/gal. They have the capacity to produce 450 lb/d of chlorine or 500 gal/d per day of sodium hypochlorite. Electrolytic Technologies Corp. (North Miami Beach, Fla.).

Odor control system
Booth No. 5204
The C-Series O-MEGA model C2500 odor control system delivers a hydroxyl radical fog for destroying collection system odors, reducing greases, and preventing low-pH corrosion. It can support as many as four nozzles for higher hydrogen sulfide levels and/or larger treatment areas. C-Series systems include a touchscreen user interface. Vapex Environmental Technologies (Oviedo, Fla.).

Electro-chemistry instrument
Booth No. 2167
The Series150 multiparameter electro-chemistry instrument is a hand-held portable instrument that can measure for pH/redox, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity/total dissolved solids. The instrument features a large display and an RS232 and USB connection that allows the user to transmit stored data on the instrument to a computer for accurate record-keeping. It is supplied with electrodes, buffer solutions, and accessories. Orbeco-Hellige Inc. (Sarasota, Fla.).

Submersible pump
Booth No. 5613
The Amarex N is a submersible pump that is available with either solids-handling vortex impellers or grinder impellers. Designed for continuous-duty cycles, the pump features one-piece motor housing and volute, two true independent mechanical seals to seal the shaft, a stainless steel shaft, and modular design that uses one set of spare parts to fit all sizes. The cable entry system is watertight/nonwicking and uses a plug-and-receptacle connection to ensure operator safety and fast installation and removal. KSB Inc. (Richmond, Va.).

Thermal hydrolysis system
Booth No. 2732
The EXELYS™ process is designed to significantly increase biogas and energy production while decreasing biosolids disposal volume. The thermal hydrolysis system is designed to be energy-efficient and economical. It is used within Kruger’s Digestion-Lysis-Digestion (DLD) process. Kruger Inc. (Cary, N.C.).

Pipe liners
Booth No. 5201
The BLUE-TEK™ and BLUE-TEK™ AR3 pipe liners are manufactured through a patented process of spirally wound, fiberglass-reinforced, ultraviolet-cured-in-place pipe and installed with the tamperproof, computerized Quality-Tracker System™ that documents the curing process. The liners are wetted out in an ISO 9001:2008-registered, quality-controlled manufacturing facility in order to provide liner consistency. They are available in segments as long as 1000 ft and can be manufactured to fit any diameter from 6 to 48 in. Reline America Inc. (Saltville, Va.).

Seal technology
Booth No. 3149
The Expanda-Seal™ is designed for weight- and spring-loaded conservation and emergency vents. The patented design allows pressure to build up on both sides of the seat ring, allowing the diaphragm to balloon around the seat ring. Pallets are tested to 0.5 standard ft3/h or less of air at 95% of the setpoint. Shand & Jurs, an L&J Technologies Company (Hillside, Ill.).

Walk-on covers
Booth No. 1867
This series of flat, walk-on cover systems is designed for algae and odor control. Covers are 1.5-in. thick to handle point loads as great as 300 lb, are supported by brackets mounted on the weir wall to facilitate installation, and have hatches that open toward the center of the tank to provide operators with maximum visibility. NEFCO Inc. (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.).

Inspection chamber
Booth No. 4722
The Wapro access chamber is a complete inspection chamber with either a backflow preventer or a check valve to prevent backflow. The “easy-remove” valve is designed to facilitate rinsing. The backflow preventer can be removed from ground level. WaStop International AB (Karlshamn, Sweden).

Self-cleaning filter
Booth No. 1881
The V-200PA automatic self-cleaning plastic filter is designed for automatic filtration of organic or inorganic suspended solids. It is available in a 2-in. or 3-in. size, has a capacity of 4.5 to 50 m3/h, allows for pressures from 30 to 120 lb/in.2, can provide filtration of particles from 1500 to 10 µm, and can be cleaned in less than 15 seconds. VAF Filtration Systems (Arvada, Colo.).

Heavy-duty grinder
Booth No. 1331
The Macho Monster grinder model 70000 provides powerful high-volume screenings grinding at the headworks; inside pump stations; food waste receiving and processing plants; and other large scale, high-volume material reduction applications. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

UV disinfection system
Booth No. 1575
The OpenLine ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system uses open-channel, low-pressure, high-output UV amalgam lamps to destroy microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level. It is available in eight models, for treatment flows ranging from 15 to 1400 gal/min. The system offers a small footprint with only one power source required. The unit’s UV lamps feature a 14,000-h lamp-life guarantee and an automatic quartz-sleeve wiping system. The control unit includes a lamp hour counter and status monitoring. The system can be expanded with additional UV modules without replacing the current UV channel and components. Aquionics (Erlanger, Kan.).

Pump control
Booth No. 4122
The self-calibrating sensor Dial-a-time pump control allows users to adjust the duration of pump downtime. The built-in dial has eight pump downtime choices, ranging from seconds to minutes, to suit the needs and size of the application. The self-calibrating switch is designed to reduce pump cycling, work well in confined applications, and prevent false actuations. The unit will operate stand-alone pumps as large as 1 hp. See Water Inc. (San Jacinto, Calif.).

Waterproof EC/TDS meter
Booth No. 8614
The COM-100 measures total dissolved solids and electrical conductivity in µS, mS, ppm, or ppt and is auto-ranging to 9990 µS, with three conversion factors. The resolution is 0.1, 1, or 10, with an accuracy of ± 2% of the reading. The meter has one-point digital calibration to any point within its range. It floats, is waterproof, and includes an onscreen temperature display and low-battery indicator. HM Digital Inc. (Culver City, Calif.).

Booth No. 4204
The NanoCourier™ transmitter is designed to send flow or soil moisture data. It is available with either spread-spectrum communication to a base station or satellite telemetry with data display on Automata’s website. Most flowmeters and many other frequency mode output devices require no additional interface circuitry. A wide variety of configurable parameters adds versatility to many monitoring applications, such as time averaging and peak reading over adjustable times. Automata Inc. (Nevada City, Calif.).

Hydrogen sulfide data logger
Booth No. 5412
The OdaLog RTx hydrogen sulfide gas logger transmits logged hydrogen sulfide data to an FTP site for remote access. Using an external surface-mount antenna, users can transmit data out of a manhole. SMS text messages can be sent when user-programmable alarms are met. The data can be accessed globally, and instrument parameters may be changed via bidirectional communication. The unit can be deployed for as long as 30 days before requiring removal. Detection Instruments Corp. (Phoenix).

Water technologies database
Booth No. 4979
The BlueTech Tracker database is regularly updated to provide the metrics needed to assess and monitor emerging technologies. Subscribers have access to the full content of the database and also receive monthly and biannual reports on emerging trends, independent technology assessments, market driver analysis, and overall market activity. O2 Environmental Inc. (Cork, Ireland).

Pipe assessment system
Booth No. 4134
An in-line inspection tool that measures wall thickness utilizing high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology is included in the SmartBall®, Sahara®, and PipeDiverTM pipe wall assessment technologies. MFL offers an accurate method of metallic pipeline inspection using advanced nondestructive testing methods and is capable of inspecting pipes with diameters of 24 in. or larger. The systems are designed to offer a comprehensive assessment solution for metallic water and wastewater pipelines. Pure Technologies (Calgary, Alberta).

Biological wastewater treatment plants
Booth No. 4625
Model Classic XXL is a preassembled system for domestic wastewater treatment with a maximum capacity of 7926 gal/d. The rib structure of the tank is designed to be durable and resistant against environmental influences including soil and water pressure. The treatment system is 100% biological and automatic and based on a submerged and aerated fixed bed. The process is designed to adapt easily to different conditions such as load and supply variations by the biofilm on the fixed-bed material. Atlantika Water Systems Inc. (San Antonio, Texas).

Odor and corrosion control technology
Booth No. 1610
The PRI-SC® adds iron salt at the upper reaches of the collection system and uses hydrogen peroxide to regenerate the iron sulfide at one or more points downstream. A final regeneration site at the treatment plant provides rapid oxidation of sulfides to low levels, reducing hydrogen sulfide loading to the influent scrubbers. The final regeneration also provides hydrous ferric iron that can be used for odor control in primary treatment or for enhanced clarification. The process is designed for gravity interceptors, force main discharges, and headworks treatment. US Peroxide (Atlanta).

Membrane diffuser
Booth No. 239
The StreamLine™ flexible membrane diffuser family, designed to offer a high level of performance and service, has a patented configuration that eliminates redundant air distribution pipe for system simplicity. The systems are available in panel perforation for high oxygen transfer efficiencies or in a fully perforated tube for mixing. Environmental Dynamics International (Columbia, Mo.).

Ion exchange system
Booth No. 5664
The Tonka Pur-IX™ system is designed to provide a total ion exchange solution for potable water systems, with cost-effective results for hardness removal, and treating nitrates, organics, color, uranium, sulfates, and other compounds. Using the patented PuriTech multiport valve, the system, which has a compact footprint, is designed to reduce brine usage, reduce waste volumes, provide a simple design, and offer continuous regeneration. Tonka Equipment Co. (Plymouth, Minn.).

Headworks screen
Booth No. 1725
The Aqua-Screen™ in-channel, perforated, panel traveling belt screen is designed for high capture efficiency. The screen operates intermittently, forming a solids mat on the face of 10 step-shaped perforated panels until a preset upstream level or differential level is reached, signaling the screen to rotate. Solids are removed at the top of the unit by a high pressure bidirectional spray wash and an independently driven cleaning brush, where they are conveyed and dewatered by a screenings handling system. Currently used in applications with a single unit handling up to 175 mgd of flow, the screen can be engineered for channels as wide as 10 ft, depths to 42 ft, and maximum head differential required for the application. Andritz Separation Inc. (Arlington, Texas).

Self-propelled drying unit
Booth No. 5311
The Caterpillar-powered Brown Bear 500C is designed to co-compost primary dewatered biosolids with yard and green wastes. The drying unit is capable of mixing biosolids with the bulking agent and forming the initial windrows, as well as subsequent aeration passes through the windrows. Four sizes from 130 to 350 hp are available. As the drying accelerates and porosity in the windrow starts to increase, low-level aerobic composting starts, providing for some pathogen reduction and accelerating the drying process. The unit can create Class A biosolids compost after all the materials have been mixed, aerated, and displaced. It is capable of drying wet solids in shallow pits or on surface pads for accelerated solar and wind drying. Brown Bear Corp. (Corning, Iowa).

Oxygen demand monitor
Booth No. 1009
The ODM-100 oxygen demand monitor provides real-timedata of oxygen demand in industrial pretreatment and municipal applications. The rail-mounted unit operates in continuous or sequential batch mode. Other features include early upset detection, up-to-the-minute loading information, trend and history analysis, and testing for trucked-in waste. Challenge Technology (Springdale, Ark.).

Multiparameter controller
Booth No. 4949
The Burkert mxCONTROL Type 8620 unit automates the control of process variables within a water treatment system. The unit incorporates multiparameter panel-mounted transmitters into single-platform, multiparameter controllers, integrating all control, monitoring, and display features as well as data and event logging functions. Capable of processing up to four analog and four digital inputs, five relay and four transistor outputs, as well as four optional analog outputs simultaneously, the unit can be configured to display, transmit, and record data for flow, pressure, acidity/oxidation reduction potential, conductivity, turbidity, oxygen, ozone, chlorine, and temperature through standard 4-20 mA inputs. All standard modules can be loaded by secure digital card or from a standard personal computer via the USB interface. Alternatively, an optional Ethernet interface can be used to configure and parameterize the controller remotely or be used to send an e-mail or SMS alert. Burkert (Irvine, Calif.).

Flow analysis software
Booth No. 5635
FlowWorks, a secure Web platform designed for gathering, managing, and understanding all forms of environmental monitoring data, is a hardware-neutral system that can receive data from all manufacturers’ flow and level meters, rain gauges, and data systems. It also collects data directly from SCADA systems, and U.S. Geological Survey and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration environmental stations. The system contains analysis tools, including data summary reports, rainfall and climate analysis, metadata storage, and full alarming. FlowWorks Inc. (Seattle).

Filter press
Booth No. 5123
Johnson Screens® filter presses are designed to ensure that each unit will reliably produce filter cake with a solids content of up to 75%. These filter presses are available with capacities ranging from 0.4 to 670 ft³, with plate sizes varying from 320 ´ 320 mm to 2000 ´ 2000 mm and multiple cake thicknesses. Systems are available in different levels of automation from base models with manual functions to completely automated filter presses that require minimal operator input. Johnson Screens (New Brighton, Minn.).

Cured-in-place pipe technology
Booth No. 1931
The InsituMain® system incorporates cured-in-place pipe technology and is suitable for the renewal of pressure pipelines with diameters as large as 60 in. Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, the system withstands internal pressure and external load requirements as well as eliminates leakage and corrosion. Insituform Technologies Inc. (St. Louis).

Booth No. 137
Ultra Blue PVCO pipe is a pressure pipe suitable for potable water and force main systems. The polyvinyl chloride pipe is designed to be pressure-tough, crush-resistant, noncorroding, durable, and leak-resistant. JM Eagle (Los Angeles).

Panomorphic inspection system
Booth No. 1005
The OMNI Eye 360 panomorphic camera provides continuous 360-degree image capture and performs inspections in lined 6-in. and larger diameter lines as long as 2500 ft at speeds up to 70 ft/min. Data capture features include accurate measurements from X and Y axes; lateral, joint, and crack measurement; simultaneous view of forward and unwrapped footage; auto measurement; and distance recognition. RS Technical Services Inc. (Petaluma, Calif.).

Membrane filtration system
Booth No. 4445
FMXTM, an antifouling membrane filtration system, is designed to treat high-density, high-solid, and high-viscosity applications. System technology includes membrane trays and the vortex generators. The generation of Kármán vortices at the interface reduces filter cake buildup. BKT (Anaheim, Calif.).

Booth No. 2517
The Hydro-Sludge™ screen is a horizontal inline pressurized device that screens coarse materials and dewaters screened materials for landfill in one operation. The enclosed system is designed to reduce odor problems with no washwater requirements. Wastewater passes through the perforated stainless steel screen while material larger than 5 mm is captured and conveyed to the compaction zone. Coarse materials are compacted in the regulating cone and screenings are discharged into a suitable container. The screen is used either for pumped feed or on direct discharge from a septage truck in primary, secondary, or combined sludges. Hydro International (Portland, Maine).

Wastewater treatment system
Booth No. 4855
MyFAST® fixed activated sludge wastewater treatment systems are designed for a small communities or commercial properties with 40,000 to 160,000 gal/d of flow. The scalable systems feature a hybrid of attached and suspended growth technologies in an aerobic, packed-bed bioreactor. Bio-Microbics Inc. (Shawnee, Kan.).

Struvite remover
Booth No. 8716
The ST-2520 struvite remover is a mild cleaner designed to break down struvite deposits quickly. After deposits are removed, lines can be cleaned by dripping in a small dosage for maintenance. The cleaner is suitable for equipment, valves, pipes, and seals. Guard Products Inc. (Oakland, Calif.).

Lining material
Booth No. 4338
AquataPoxy materials, which protect potable water infrastructures from corrosion, can be applied to concrete, masonry, and steel. The materials are designed to be environmentally friendly and corrosion resistant. They have been tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. Raven Lining Systems (Broken Arrow, Okla.).

Batch reactor system
Booth No. 4517
The Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor wastewater treatment system is designed to provide high-quality effluent and nutrient removal. The technology is designed to keep capital investment and operating costs low, require few tanks, and maintain a small footprint, minimize power consumption and equipment, and maximize equipment lifespan. Single or multiple basins provide operational flexibility, with capacities from 5000 gal/d to more than 50 mgd. AWT Technologies Inc. (Calgary, Alberta).

Analytical software
Booth No. 1216
The BOD Analyst Pro™ desktop software allows users to calculate biochemical oxygen demand/carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand values and dissolved oxygen values, and perform calculations without human errors. Users also can enter readings manually. The software allows users to set up samples and groups regardless of seeding method, number of dilutions, or other test criteria. It also enables the printing of daily bench sheets for quality assurance/quality control compliance and reporting. YSI Inc. (Yellow Springs, Ohio).

Turbidity standards
Booth No. 8144
OptiSphere™ turbidity standards are designed to provide tight specifications and bench stability. RICCA ChemicalCo. (Arlington, Texas).

Ultrasonic flowmeter
Booth No. 2729
Sonic-Pro® hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters measure flows using either Doppler or Transit Time methods. The flowmeter features noninvasive, clamp-on transducers, custom quality metric algorithms and digital signal processing technology, backlit liquid crystal display, data logged to standard SD card format, isolated 4-20 mA output, 0–1000Hz pulse output, and computer connection permitting remote access to, and control of, all functions. Blue-White Industries Ltd. (Huntington Beach, Calif.).

Flatness and leveling measurement system
Booth No. 4239
LEVALIGN® Expert provides an accurate method for measuring flatness and straightness of machine bases and foundations and split machine casings, as well as flatness and parallelism of circular, rectangular, and odd-shaped flanges. The system consists of a self-leveling motorized rotating laser and a sensor that interface wirelessly with a dedicated geometric measurement computer. Ludeca Inc. (Doral, Fla.).

Graphic interface
Booth No. 4700
The updated Web-based graphic interface accommodates a wider range of viewing platforms, including the new generation of tablet computers such as the iPad 2. Utilizing HTML5 technology, it is compatible with a range of viewing platforms and uses up-to-date street data. The system also features changeable views, zoom, and reposition units; the ability to add “pushpin” icons with notes; display of overlays such as weather and radar; and quick production of various reports. Mission Communications LLC (Norcross, Ga.).

Submerged membrane
Booth No. 8329
The M-fine type-0306 unit, designed for small-scale membrane bioreactor systems, is a flat membrane that is resistant to fouling and twisting hair and fibers around the membrane. With a simple structure, the lightweight membrane unit has a small space requirement. AWA Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Tokushima Japan).

Cleaning system
Booth No. 2915
The WeirWasher automated cleaning system cleans algae in clarifiers. The spray arm automatically submerges 3 ft underwater, using only gravity to retract under the scum pipe, and then resurfaces on the opposite side of the scum pipe with only the use of water pressure. Inc. (Beaverton, Ore.).

Fixed bed media
Booth No. 2049
The Cleartec® integrated fixed-film activated sludge system is designed to provide a home for attached growth biomass in any aeration basin and make the most of a treatment footprint. The system features integrated ultrafine diffuser panels and can be retrofit into most existing basins. Ovivo USA (Salt Lake City).

Floating pump station
Booth No. 4713
The FP-1050 is a 42-in. self-contained, floating pump station designed for high-flow emergency pumping. Meeting Tier 3 emissions standards, the pump has a flow rate up to 68,500 gal/min and produces up to 27 ft head. The pump station measures 8 ft ´ 20 ft. Rain for Rent (Bakersfield, Calif.).

Booth No. 8119
The DSGAA/DSGAB/DSGAC generator sets, rated at 100/125/150 kW respectively, are designed to provide reliable diesel-fueled standby power. Features include a 4-cycle diesel engine, short-circuit capability, an integrated set-mounted radiator designed for rated ambient temperatures, PowerCommand® 1.1 electronic control, and optional weather-protective and sound-attenuating enclosures. Cummins Power Generation (Fridley, Minn.).

Laboratory-scale membrane bioreactor
Booth No. 5023
The BIO-CEL® lab module allows for a wide range of membrane bioreactor-related processes to be investigated on a laboratory scale. The system features a membrane surface area of 0.35 m2 installed in a polyvinyl chloride frame with integrated crossflow aeration. An ultrafiltration membrane enables qualitative statements to be made on experimental filtrate measurements. Microdyn Technologies Inc. (Raleigh, N.C.).

Air transducer
Booth No. 5639
The ECHO air transducer uses ultrasonic technology and a microprocessor chip for level measurement and duplex pump control. Designed to be a simple solution for accurate and reliable level measurement within ± 1 mm, the transducer comes in 3-m- and 10-m-range versions with standard 2 single-pole, double-throw form “C” relays, RS485 Modbus, 4-20 mA output, and 100-250 VAC/9-36VDC power supply. The polyvinylidene fluoride transducer and 3-degree effective beam angle are designed to perform well in tough applications. ECHO Process Instrumentation Inc. (Shalimar, Fla.).

Hydrogen sulfide analyzer
Booth No. 1021
The Jerome® J605 low-level hydrogen sulfide analyzer features gold film sensing technology. A thin gold film, in the presence of hydrogen sulfide, undergoes an increase in electrical resistance proportional to the mass of hydrogen sulfide in the sample. When the sample button is pressed, an internal pump pulls ambient air over the gold film sensor so that it adsorbs hydrogen sulfide, determines the amount, and displays the measured concentration. The analyzer displays hydrogen sulfide in parts per million or parts per billion depending on the range in use. Arizona Instrument LLC (Chandler, Ariz.).

Gas monitor
Booth No. 1980
The GasAlertMicro 5, a water-resistant instrument capable of simultaneously monitoring up to five gases, features data logging, a motorized pump, multilanguage support, and a variety of power options. The instrument can monitor combustible and toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, ammonia, chlorine, and phosphine. BW Technologies (Arlington, Texas).

Modular wastewater treatment system
Booth No. 1959
The Headworks Integrated Treatment (HIT™) system is a modular, compact wastewater treatment plant designed for flow rates of 15,000 to 250,000 gal/d. The system features a self-regulating fixed-film moving bed biofilm reactor process that does not require a high level of operator intervention to maintain the process balance. Headworks Bio Inc. (Houston).

Ultrafiltration module rack
Booth No. 8546
The T-Rack® vario ultrafiltration module rack, an ultracompact rack system, features feed and drain pipes integrated in the end caps of the modules and a small footprint. The filtrate connections are welded to the module bodies and headers, and there are no O-rings. The modules can be arranged in either two or four rows, and each row can be operated as a separate filtration line. inge watertechnologies AG (Greifenberg, Germany).

Epoxy lining
Booth No. 1711
The series 431 Perma-Shield PL is a ceramic-modified epoxy lining for ductile iron and steel pipe, designed with advanced permeation, abrasion, and chemical resistance to offer high performance in sewer environments. It can withstand 2500 lb/in.2 hydrocleaning and features a light green color designed to make it easy to inspect. Tnemec Co. Inc. (Kansas City, Mo.).

Membrane bioreactor module
Booth No. 5511
The Membray submerged flat sheet membrane bioreactor (MBR) module can be used as a component of an MBR system to remove suspended solids from activated sludge. The microfiltration module in a plate-and-frame configuration consists of flat-sheet polyvinylidene fluoride membranes that are cast on polyester, nonwoven fabric as the base layer. Toray Membrane USA Inc. (Poway, Calif.).

IFAS system
Booth No. 405
The patented Webitat™ integrated fixed-film activated sludge system uses BioWebTM fixed-film media to act as high-rate reactors that enhance mixing and substrate distribution while adding aeration and fixed biomass to an otherwise limited lagoon environment. Systems have achieved nitrification of less than 1 mg/L at lagoon temperatures cooler than 33ºF. Entex Technologies Inc. (Chapel Hill, N.C.).

Sludge removal tool
Booth No. 4727
BIO ENERGIZER® is designed tobiochemically oxidize sludge in wastewater lagoons and reduce the lagoon sludge blanket without the need for draining, drying, dredging, handling, or hauling. When used in activated sludge plants, the system is designed to increase volatile solids destruction and improve decant volume and settleability for greater digester and reactor capacity. Probiotic Solutions (Chandler, Ariz.).


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