August 2011, Vol. 23, No.8

From the Editors

WE&T wins gold

With every issue of Water Environment & Technology (WE&T), the Water Environment Federation (WEF) strives to bring you the best magazine possible. Our goal is to give you the

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technical information you need to succeed today as well as keep you informed about trends that will affect the future.We’re honored to announce that our efforts have been recognized by the ContentWise 2011 Magnum Opus Awards. WE&T received a Gold Award for Best Engineering/Construction Publication in the All Around Publication category.


About the Magnum Opus Awards

The Magnum Opus Awards, now in its eighth year, is a leading custom media awards program. Professors from the Missouri School of Journalism and leading custom-publishing professionals who specialize in particular content or design areas judge the awards based on a defined set of criteria specific to each of the categories. Judges consider such elements as informational and entertainment value, quality of writing and display copy, creative use of imagery and typography, and consistency of color palette and style.


What is that?

Beginning with this issue of WE&T, you’ll notice things that look like tiny crossword puzzles dotting the pages. These are QR codes — QR is short for quick response. They’re essentially bar codes that are read by smartphones, tablet computers, and the like by snapping a photo.

To read these codes, you’ll need a device with a camera and a QR code reader. Many free code readers are available for all types of devices.

WE&T will be using QR codes to point readers to many different types of online resources such as additional content that we couldn’t fit into an issue, videos, reader polls, social media outlets, and interactive tools. But we realize not everyone has a smartphone or might not have it handy all the time, so we’re also including shortened links with each QR code to give you the option of typing in an address.

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