May 2011, Vol. 23, No.5


Wastewater bar screen
The ScreenMaster® CS wastewater bar screen provides cleaning of a bar screen rack and removal of solids from rectangular channel installations. It employs a front clean/front return principle, and is designed to be easy to install in new or existing channels at a 75-degree inclination for a small footprint. The design features a simple, continuous rotary motion. As the rake head passes through the bar slots collecting debris, it travels up the unit’s dead plate until it reaches a special scraper supplied with a dash pot for smooth operation. The screenings then drop out of a discharge chute. The system is supplied with an S320 program controller, which operates by timer or level sensor. Franklin Miller Inc. (Livingston, N.J.).


Manhole sewer system
The prebuilt Muffin Monster® manhole is a sewer system solution to prevent rags, trash, and debris from clogging sewer lines and pump stations. The ready-to-install package includes a prebuilt fiberglass-reinforced polyester manhole, a grinder, guide rails, access ladder, inlet and outlet pipeline connections, and a manhole or hatch-type access lid. The low-speed, high-torque grinder is designed to reduce solids into small particles that can pass through sewer lines and pumps. Other features include an immersible motor, automated controller, choice of either a hinged lockable lid or a conical top for installation in roadways, and watertight and corrosion-resistant construction. JWC Environmental (Costa Mesa, Calif.).


Spray cleaner
The AC10 air blast spray cleaner is an automatic sensor cleaning system that decreases sensor maintenance cycles and helps maintain sensor measurement accuracy in turbid water conditions by preventing the buildup of biofilms and other soft coatings. The AC10 can be used as either a single-channel or dual-channel system with the HYDRA ammonium and nitrate sensors. Combined with a sensor spray head and a C22 analyzer/controller, it uses pressurized air to generate an area of high turbulence in the water surrounding the measurement end of the sensor. Designed to cut operating costs by reducing manual cleaning time and the amount of chemicals used for unnecessary water treatments, the cleaner features a rugged, corrosion-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, polyester enclosure and a reliable high-current contactor for years of service. Electro-Chemical Devices (Irvine, Calif.).


Stormwater chamber
The Recharger® 330XL stormwater chamber for stormwater detention/retention is designed to provide greater capacity and manifold design flexibility. The chamber features a storage capacity of 52.2 ft³ per unit and includes two side portals on each chamber, eliminating the need to build external manifolds and condensing the system’s footprint. The system’s cross-feed capabilities allow greater flow, and each chamber also has the ability to accept up to 24-in.-diameter pipe into its end-wall when greater flow has to be introduced. With overlapping rib connection, the system is designed for easy installation and stronger connection between chambers. Chambers are constructed of high-density polyethylene for increased chemical resistance and longevity. The systems measure 30.5-in. high, 52-in. wide, and 8.5-ft long. CULTEC Inc. (Brookfield, Conn.).


Grinder system
The new Moyno® Max-Flow AnnihilatorTM  grinder system is a custom-engineered headworks debris handling system. It is designed to protect downstream pumps, valves, and process equipment in wastewater treatment plants and their lift stations. Designed to be used in place of bar rakes and screens, as well as drum screen grinders, the system contains two or more grinders mounted side by side in a stainless steel retrieval frame. The system includes guide rails to permit the independent retrieval of each grinder for easy maintenance. Steel panels also can be inserted in place of a grinder to divert the flow to the remaining grinders during maintenance, eliminating the need for diversion or bypass channels. Other features include reduced particle size of debris and lower energy use because the system’s grinders do not operate continuously. Moyno Inc. (Springfield, Ohio).


Pipe system
EZflow pipe systems are suitable for trench, curtain, landscape, foundation, retaining wall, and interceptor drains. The lightweight systems are composed of polystyrene aggregate enclosed in a woven geotextile mesh and do not use gravel. The pipes come in preassembled bundles of 10-ft sections that weigh only 8 lb and are available in 7-, 10-, and 15-in. diameters. The modular design is versatile to meet any design parameter and contour along sloped sites and around landscaping features. The geotextile netting keeps out soil particles to prevent clogging. The polystyrene aggregate features more than 50% void area for greater water movement and is designed to not degrade or break down over time. Infiltrator Systems Inc. (Saybrook, Conn.).


Terminal block and relay
The TERMOPTO solid-state relays function as both terminal block for signal connection and a relay to separate signals in one compact module. The relays feature electrically isolated, wear-free semiconductor switches with extensive suppressor circuits for operating dependability and offer flexibility for a range of application needs. The system has a width of 6 mm and provides optocoupler technology with a temperature rating of –20°C to +60°C. Weidmuller (Richmond, Va.).


Static mixer
The Model 3053 Three-Stage In-Line static mixer includes a length of pipe fitted with three sets of tabbed fins featuring a precise geometry that turns flows inside out for mixing liquids and gases. The fins are designed to provide thorough mixing with low head loss for a wide range of applications. Available in pipe diameters from 0.5 to 120 in., the mixer is designed to be easy to install, clog-resistant, and suited for any chemical-mixing task. Offered with one, two, or three sets of tabbed fins, the system is available fabricated from polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, or Type 316 stainless steel, with or without a Teflon® coating. Westfall Manufacturing Co. (Bristol, R.I.).


Polyvinyl chloride tubing
Newflex tubing provides an alternative to the bulk and weight of multilayer rubber hoses for suction requirements. The all-polyvinyl-chloride tubing is reinforced with spirals that help it flex without kinking, resist crushing, and withstand vacuum and pressure applications. The chemical- and corrosion-resistant tubing has a smooth inner surface for maximum flows of fluids, air, or granular materials. It also enables visual observation of the flow. The tubing comes in heavy, standard, and light-duty styles and can be made from industrial-grade or food-grade (made from nontoxic ingredients) materials. NewAge Industries Inc. (Southampton, Pa.).

The Trans-O-Filter unit attaches to fuel or hydraulic systems to collect entrained moisture. The unit recirculates flows at rates of 3 to 10 gal/min, and a coalescing element captures moisture to form water droplets large enough to drop to the sump for easy removal from a draw-off drain valve. To enhance the life of the coalescing element, a prefilter can be added to remove particulates. Choice of media enables the user to select high dirt-holding-capacity depth cartridges or absolute media of pleated membrane to trap 1 µm particles. Serfilco Ltd. (Northbrook, Ill.).


The new line of Vortex Shedding flowmeters monitors the flow of cooling fluid for resistance welders, slurry pump seal water, machine coolant, and steam boiler feed water. The meters, designed to operate efficiently at fluid and ambient temperatures from 35°F to 150°F, feature no moving parts to clog or wear out. The design also makes the meters suitable for accurately monitoring media with small particulates. The meters operate with NPT ports, ranging from 0.25 to 2 in., and handle flows from 4 to 200 gal/min. Occasional over-ranging up to 125% of capacity should not damage the meter. The meters feature 4–20 mA flow rate transmitters and can withstand working pressures from 10 to 300 lb/in.2. Parker Fluid Control Division (New Britain, Conn.).


Power controls
The Sirius Innovations line of power controls is designed to efficiently use space, simplify assembly, reduce power consumption, and increase power performance. The controls include IO-Link communication modules that reduce control wiring and quickly snap onto contactors of direct, reversing, and wye-delta motor starters up to 30 hp. The modules also allow status and diagnostic data communication to the totally integrated automation platform. The controls are designed to reduce energy consumption up to 98% with a versatile modular design. Siemens Industry Inc. (New York).


Polycarbonate enclosures
PolyStarTM polycarbonate enclosures are designed to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and splashing water and provide impact and flame protection. The enclosures feature side-mount solutions to increase usable space, provide additional mounting options, and offer variable mounting heights. The enclosures feature multidirectional mounting feet, integrated lock hasps, and latches and hinges that do not penetrate enclosures. The enclosures, suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, feature product performance unaffected by temperatures as low as –40°F. Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures (Belding, Mich.).


Ultrafiltration modules
The range of dizzer® P ultrafiltration modules are suitable for small-scale treatment systems and point-of-entry systems. The modules are designed to be inserted in a standard pressure vessel and replaced whenever necessary. The modules utilize the company’s Multibore ultrafiltration technology, which is designed to provide reliable operation of small-scale modules through robust membranes capable of working under challenging conditions for the maximum possible duration. The plug-and-work solution is available in 2.5- or 4-in. dizzer ultrafiltration units with membrane surface areas between 0.5 and 6 m2 (5.4 to 65 ft2). inge watertechnologies AG (Greifenberg, Germany).


Pneumatic calibration pump
The PP600 combo pneumatic calibration pump enables users to choose slow or rapid pressure venting and features a patented protective cage surrounding the vent knob for better control. For pneumatic applications, the pump can create a range of vacuum from 28 in. of mercury up to 6000 lb/in.2. Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group (Asheville, N.C.).


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