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Dam Odours
Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 7:24 PM
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Hi All,


I'm interested in some feedback on whether anyone recommends any dam odour specialists (Australia only please) or mechanisms for reducing odour associated with large evaporation dams. Additionally if you have had similar experiences below and can provide feedback on whether you found a practical solution please comment.


By it's nature the dam is used for evaporating water, and given the waters high hydrocarbon concentrations it naturally volatilises some of these compounds leading to a distinctive odour and hence nuisances to people external to the operations. We have introduced a number of methods to reduce the hydrocarbon loading, some of which exploit simple weirs and cyclones, periodic skimming of the dams to remove lighter fractions accumulating on the surface. In addition to this we treat the water thru a wastewater treatment plant to reduce overall organic loading.


There is definitely an improvement in water quality however an odour is still present (and I know always will be), but I'm interested in whether anyone has any recommendations from past experiences or can recommend a specialist who is familiar with managing odours from organic dams.