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Pacific Northwest CWA 

The Pacific Northwest CWA is proud to use the "we are wef" slide shown at WEFMAX 2015 in rolling out their 2015 Strategic Plan to showcase where they are going and why.  Their Mission is dedicated to preserving and enhancing water resource in the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.   



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2015 WEF Nominating Committee Recommendations

WEF Vice President - Jenny Hartfelder
WEF Treasurer - Ralph Exton
WEF Board of Trustees
-Three-Year Trustee - Lynn Boraddus and Claus Homann
-Two-Year Trustee - Karen Kubick
-One-Year Trustee - Joan Hawley
WEF House of Delegates Delegate-at-Large (4 positions)
Todd Boling, Tracy Ekola, Saya Qualls, and Brian Villacorta 

WEF's mission is to connect water professionals, enrich the expertise of water professionals, increas the awareness of the impact and value of water, and provide a platform for water sector innovation.  This mission is executed through the dedication and active involvement of WEF members.  The WEF Nominating Committee selections were considered and approved by the WEF Board of Trustees at its May 12th 2015 Executive Session Conference Call.  The WEF House of Delegates will be asked to consider the recommendations at its WEFTEC 2015 meeting in Chicago, IL.  Read more.

MA Newsletter Articles

Each month, WEF offers MAs articles that can be used in thier newsletters and magazines.  The articles are written by WEF technical, government affairs, and public awareness staff; Board of Trustees members; and/or WEF technical committees.  They may be used in any issue of your MA newsletters/magazines but are timely for the current calendar year.  The articles provide leading-edge perspectives from national or global subject matter experts from WEF Headquarters.  Technical topics are chosen to provide the latest in water knowledge to enrich the expertise of global water professionals.  Click here to see the 2015 Editorial Calendar as we have in place. 


March 16 - 18 - Florida, TBA
April 6 -8:  Philadelphia, PA
May 4 - 6 - Chicago, IL
May 18 - 20 - Colordao, TBA

Questions, contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.

Online Reports

MAs have 24/7 access to pulling their membership information through online reports.  Three documents have been prepared to assist MAs in using the online report systems.
    - The WEF Demographics document is a data dictionary of WEF demographic codes and descriptions.
    - The WEF MA Online Report Description document describes all the reports, their functionality and output.
    - The MA Online Report and the MA Rebate Report provides information on how to access and run the reports. 

Contact WEF Staff, Marissa Adawag should you need assistance. 

MA Discount on WEF Training Products

WEF now offers Member Associations a special discount on purchase of WEF technical publications and online courses.  The special discounted rates are based on number of items ordered and will range from 25% to 40% off of list price.  The Member Association must pay the shipping charges and purchases are non-refundable.  To order, please contact WEF Customer Service Center at 800.666.0206 or  Let us know how you like this program. 

Member Association Job Openings

Many board members have never had to face the daunting, time-consuming process involved in MA Staff transition. Hiring can represent a fresh opportunity for the board and MA Staff to clarify roles, set expectations, and build the trust and respect that are central to effective nonprofit governance. WEF now offers to MAs the opportunity to post MA Professional Staff position openings on the WEF Job Openings site on at no cost to the MA. The postings are listed strictly as a courtesy to WEF Member Associations for recruitment of their MA professional staff positions. The MA would be required to have a valid link on their website and must advise WEF when the link on should be removed as the position becomes filled. For more information contact    

Advertisements and Other Materials for WEF MAs


Questions or Comments? 

Please contact the following WEF Staff:

Dianne Crilley
Ph: 703-684-2445

Kelsey Hurst
Ph: 703-684-2477

Bri Berkley
Ph: 703.684.2400 Ext 7220

Linda Kelly
Ph: 812-883-0072